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Free-To-Play Rocket League Will Not Require PlayStation Plus Or Switch Online

by Jason Guisao on Sep 03, 2020 at 12:40 PM

In almost no time at all, Rocket League has established itself as a prominent Esport and casual arcade experience. A free-to-play update was announced for the game, meaning that Rocket League will eventually become more accessible and just about anyone will be able hop into the car-soccer arena and score their way to victory. Just about.

The Rocket League blog briefly announced that when the free-to-play model is implemented, PlayStation and Switch owners will not need online subscriptions to access and play the game. However, Xbox owners will still need an Xbox live subscription. In addition to these changes, the blog post also highlighted quality-of-life changes coming to Rocket League seasons, new high-tier competitive ranks,  and some quick chat call-outs.  

The free-to-play update will be arriving this month. Are you excited that it will soon reach a wider audience? Even in unprecedented times like these, we think that Rocket League is the perfect game to commit your free time to. 

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