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Monster Train Gets Wild Mutations Content Update

by Daniel Tack on Jul 17, 2020 at 11:37 AM

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Shiny Shoe's first significant update for the deckbuilding roguelike Monster Train is here. One of my favorite deckbuilders to grace the genre since Slay the Spire spawned what seems like a thousand imitators, Monster Train is a blast to tinker with for hours on end.

Already mastered the art of train travel through Hell? The Wild Mutation update offers a significant chunk of new challenges for players that have pushed to the hardest tiers of content and high covenant rank runs. While there's content here for all players, those that have conquered Monster Train's biggest threats now have even more dire dials to tweak.

Throw a wrench in standard gameplay with the aptly named Wild Mutations! Check out the trailer for this update below!


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