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12 Changes We Want For Apex Legends

by Javy Gwaltney on Feb 11, 2019 at 03:55 PM

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Titanfall spin-off Apex Legends has been out for a little over a week and we're enamored with the novelties and twists it brings to battle royale as well as Respawn's superb combat. Our admiration doesn't mean it's a perfect game, though. From maps to our undying hopes for titans to make an appearance, here are some changes we'd really like to see come to Apex Legends as the game evolves.

A Better-Looking Map
Kings Canyon is a fun and lively place. From a design standpoint, the map is one of the most varied for battle royale out there, with lots of interiors to hide in, many rolling hills, and enclosed spaces to prevent snipers from dominating the game. However, it's a bit of an eyesore. We'd really like to see Kings Canyon, currently comprised of little more than swamplands and military bases, get a dose of color and more distinct areas. Or, y'know, an entirely new map to go to war on would be rad too.

Adjusted Loot Algorithms
It sucks when you land in a zone and find yourself surrounded by only auto shotguns or grenades. Yes, part of battle royale is scavenging for supplies but sometimes Apex's weapon/armor placements are strange as hell. Turn those dials, Respawn, and place things a little more evenly across the map.

More Battle Royale Modes
Yeah, yeah, we know. As executive drew producer Drew McCoy discussed in this interview, the team-based powers of Apex's characters would make certain characters absolutely broken or useless in a free-for-all mode. But we're not convinced there aren't workarounds. Why not just have players only capable of controlling non-powered-up soldiers if they want to play solo or in duos?

Non-Battle Royale Modes
As great as Apex's character roster is, we'd love to see how characters' powers function in team deathmatch or capture the flag modes. Such modes would also probably bring in more battle royale-wary players too.

More Trap Characters
Apex's roster has several characters dedicated to specific play styles. Wraith and Mirage, for example, are great trickster characters who excel at getting one up over on foes with decoys and disappearing tricks. Bangalore and Gibraltar are fantastic at bull rushing foes and taking them down with offense-focused abilities. However, the game currently only has one character dedicated to laying traps: Caustic. It'd be nice to have another character for tricking foes into running headlong into their doom.

A Better Training Course
Apex's weapons and powers take some getting used to, especially when it comes to getting used to bullet drop. The current training course could use some improvements, maybe even some bots to fight against.

Put In Some Vehicles
Ok, maybe titans would disrupt the balance of Legends' carefully calibrated team gameplay. That's fine and we are not bitter about it at all in the slightest. But, maybe give us a few vehicles as a consolation? A hovertank roaming around the forests and swamps would be rad.

Fleshed Out Post-Death Details
When Bloodhound nails you with a headshot from across the valley, you just want to know (out of morbid curiosity or outrage) what he killed you with. Give players a few more details in regards to the weapons that killed them and how much damage they inflicted on a foe before they were outdone.

Tinker With Characters' Abilities
Apex Legends' initial launch and roster of characters is pretty strong. However, some of them could use buffs. It'd be nice if Bloodhound's ability to detect nearby foes had a bit more reach and the bright tails following Mirage's decoys could be toned down a bit to make them not so obvious.

Better Skins
Legends already has a lot of great skins. Some of them are fantastic (like all the legendary ones). Others...not so much. In the coming months, we hope we see skins for characters and weapons that are more top-tier.

A Limited Titan Event
Come onnnnnnn, Respawn. Just break your game for a week and let us beat the gears out of each other in giant robots. Nobody will be angry. It'll be fun. We can all get it out of our systems and go back to Apexing. Please.

More Opportunities For Earning Experience
Legends is already a notable battle royale for the ways it gives players EXP to level up, providing bonuses to players for things like the time you've survived in a match and how much damage you've dealt. However, it'd be nice if the game had quests and feats (like killing a certain number of players in a match or traveling a certain amount of distance) that gave you perks or exclusive skins for completing them.

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