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The Best Squad Builds In Apex Legends

by Game Informer Editorial on Feb 06, 2019 at 01:50 PM

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Apex Legends’ combination of character-driven shooter and battle royale has players scrambling to find the best combinations in their squads to become champion. You’re probably here because you’re one of those people. Have no worries, friends. Several of us at the Game Informer office have lucked earned our way to victory with smooth tactics and tips that will help you do the same. It’s true that a lot of succeeding in Apex Legends comes down to whose aim is truer or who’s craftier in the moment, but proper character builds can do wonders and even turn the game around.

Here are a number of our favorite builds that might just help you become a champion.

Tyrants and Tricksters

Build: Bloodhound, Caustic, Mirage

Big and nasty with a side of illusionist and a tracker. What’s not to love? Caustic’s toxic traps are great for ambushes. You can use Bloodhound’s special to detect when foes are around and then, using Mirage’s decoy, lead them into one of those traps. While they’re choking about, descend on them and finish them off.

The Suicide Squad

Build: Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Wraith

Put the boom boom into their heart. Track your foes with Bloodhound, draw them into a firefight and catch them off guard with Gibraltar’s dome shield. While they’re focused on trying to bypass that thing, flank behind them as Wraith, drop some grenades behind them, then zip away with her special. A risky play, but the rewards are rich.

The Valkyrie Vanguards

Build: Wraith, Bangalore,  Lifeline

Wraith is the great, speedy bait to draw foes in. While she does, Bangalore can fire one of her smoke bombs at approaching foes so she (and Wraith) can dance around them, peppering them with bullets. Lifeline is on standby for emergency healing duties.

Tinker, Tailor, Tracker

Build: Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Mirage

This build is more about avoiding foes for as long as possible while scrounging up supplies. Using Pathfinder’s passive ability, pinpoint where the circle will be closing and stay away from foes by using Bloodhound’s ability to detect them. If they see you, try and use Mirage’s decoy ultimate to confuse them until you and your squad beat a fast retreat. Hopefully, by the time the center closes and you’re forced to fight, the gear loadout will be in your favor.


Bloodhound, Bangalore, Wraith

Having Bangalore as the main offensive lineup is always a good idea, especially when you combine her rolling thunder with Bloodhound’s ability to know where foes are. Wraith’s portals help you zip across landscapes to escape enclosing circles or firefights with poor odds, while Bangalore’s smoke will buy you some time to revive friends.

The Brute Squad

Build: Gibraltar, Wraith, Lifeline

You don’t have time for fancy tricks. You’re all about muscle and bullets, baby. If you love to run headlong into battle, Gibraltar stands a little longer than most folks thanks to his useful ability to raise an arm shield while in iron sights. If he falls, Lifeline can raise him up while Wraith distracts foes from behind.

The Grifters

Build: Lifeline, Caustic, Wraith

Lifeline’s ultimate is to drop a care package containing defensive items onto the map. This is useful for obvious reasons but also acts a dinner bell for nearby players. Why not use that to your advantage by having Caustic trap the package and/or Wraith leave a portal to it so you and your team can zip back to the package and ambush them?


Build: Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith

On a similar note to The Grifters, you can call in Lifeline's care package and then shield yourselves with Gibraltar's dome. Lifeline's ultimate fills pretty quickly so this is a decent way to constantly grab good defensive gear throughout the whole match.

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