Bandai Namco Reveal Bizarre Teaser For New Japanese Horror Game

by Jacob Geller on Aug 13, 2018 at 11:03 AM

Most recent big-budget horror games have firmly planted themselves in Western conventions. Trafficking in copious gore and physical monsters, titles like Alien: Isolation and Resident Evil 7 have far outnumbered the more supernatural spooks of Japanese horror games like Fatal Frame. However, a teaser from Bandai Namco hints at a new game with a firm base in J-horror traditions. 

All that exists of Domas so far is this website, a static image of a house with a slowly moving orange sky. The eerie lighting and film grain make it hard to tell if the graphics are photorealistic or lo-fi, and as such the image is more unsettling than a suburban house has any right to be.

The website has a battery readout and pixelated numbers at the bottom, reminiscent of a handheld camera. The numbers read 8.30.2018, strongly implying that more info will be revealed on August 30. We previously wrote about the effectiveness of lo-fi horror here; if Bandai-Namco can mesh those aesthetics with the scares of classic J-horror like The Ring or Fatal Frame, it'll have a potent combo of scares. 

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