Diego in Dead or Alive 6

Newcomer Diego Revealed For Dead Or Alive 6

by Imran Khan on Aug 01, 2018 at 02:35 PM

Team Ninja and IGN have revealed a new character for Dead or Alive 6, a pugilistic street fighter named Diego. From New York City, Diego is the king of back alley fighting with headbutts and sucker-punches, and is fighting for his mother. He's also the first newcomer announced for Dead or Alive 6 since the game's reveal earlier this year.

In addition, taekwando fighter Rig is returning from Dead or Alive 5. At the end of the previous game's story mode, Rig was revealed to be series antagonist Donovan's son and had been feigning ignorance on the greater machinations concerning Kasumi's clones. Presumably he will be involved in the story again, as it seems unlikely that this plot point will be dropped.

You can find the first trailer of Diego and Rig in Dead or Alive 6 at IGN right here. The game was announced slightly before E3, giving us a chance to play Dead or Alive 6 at the show and talked to the director about how the newest game in the series is de-emphasizing its infamous sex factor.

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