Bungie Is Changing Destiny 2's 'Time-to-kill', Testing New Lockdown Mode For Crucible

by Suriel Vazquez on Jul 28, 2018 at 12:03 PM

Destiny 2 players have many pointed complaints about their game of choice, and many are being addressed in the upcoming Forsaken expansion. One hidden change many were quick to point out as we rolled out our month of exclusive coverage of the expansion was that guns seemed to be doing more damage than before whenever we showed off multiplayer footage, which seemed to indicate that the long-time complaint players had with the "time-to-kill" in Destiny 2 might be getting addressed.

In their weekly blog, Bungie has confirmed this is the case. As part of the announcement of a livestream showcasing "Year Two Combat," Bungie senior sandbox designer Jon Weisnewski said that, "along with weapon slots and ammo availability, we have globally adjusted the 'time to kill' in the Crucible." The studio will be showing off more details about this and other change on Tuesday, August 7's livestream.

Players have long had an issue with how long it took a player to die in Destiny 2. The higher amount of health made it much more viable for teams to stick together and "teamshoot" to pick off individual targets. This strategy is hard to counter as an individual player, since the increased health means you have little chance to get the jump on teams of two or three before they turn around the being shooting at you.

Along with that major change, Bungie has also announced it is now also letting players test a new competitive mode in its Crucible Labs called Lockdown. Although it features three capture points much like Control does, it's very different; kill earn you nothing other than and advantage when it comes to holding down points, which are the only way to make progress towards victory. It's also round-based, and if either team manages to capture all three points at once, they automatically win the round, regardless of who's winning the match up to that point.

For a look at another competitive mode that's still ways out, check out our breakdown and video of Breakthrough.

[Source: Bungie]

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