1979 Revolution: Black Friday, An Indie Title Based On Iranian Uprising, Hits Switch In August

by Jacob Geller on Jul 17, 2018 at 02:15 PM

When 1979 Revolution: Black Friday released on PC last year, we said it was a "quality adventure game that tells a gripping story about people struggling to survive the times and bring about change." In a couple weeks, that quality adventure will be available on Switch to take wherever you'd like.

The game takes place in the real Iranian revolution, couching story-relevant decisions and quicktime events in the context of the country's turbulent history. Although it comes with some of the jank of ambitious indie titles, it's less than $15 and provides a historical perspective relatively unfamiliar to many in the West. 

Pre-orders are available now for North America and tomorrow for Europe on the Nintendo eshop, and the game releases August 2. The title will also drop for PS4 on July 21 and Xbox One on August 3.

[Source: nintendolife]

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