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Super Smash Bros.

Your Mii's Size Dictates Its Fighting Style

In a new daily post from Smash Bros. director Masuhiro Sakurai, it was revealed that the size of your Mii will make a difference in how it fights.

Sakurai wrote alongside the screen on the Miiverse, "Some of the physical characteristics of Miis get carried over when you use them as Mii Fighters. The smaller ones become speed fighters and the bigger ones are more akin to power fighters." When creating or editing your Mii, you can adjust the height and weight. It looks like those metrics won't be purely aesthetic when you play Super Smash Bros..

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[Source: Super Smash Bros., MiiVerse]

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  • I actually like the idea of letting your Mii's finally be interactive. I'm surprised they didn't implement this into Brawl back in 2008
  • The Miis are a blight on the roster. They're cheesy and generic.
  • I don't see why people are upset about Miis being in the game.
  • The addition of Miis is the worst roster addition in Smash Bros history.
  • But they can choose any of the three fighting styles regardless of height and weight right?
  • That MUST be Dennis Rodman's Mii right there.
  • With Mii Fighters you can play as anyone
  • Was wondering if a Miis size mattered in Smash. Would be weird and hilarious if a Bowser sized Mii moves/fights at the same speed as Marth or Captain Falcon.

  • Looks like I'm gonna be a speedy dude. Righteous.

  • As long as I can recreate Adam Sandler and kick him in the face repeatedly for being Adam Sandler. I will be happy. An extra point for letting me beat up Bret Ratner and let me digitally smash a copy of "The Last Stand, besides the two spin offs and three other movies after this".
  • I wonder if you'll be able to share your Mii Fighters with friends, 'cause that would be awesome!
  • Does anyone ever make Miis of middling height?
  • So I can't have a 6 foot behemoth who's also fast as hell? I like the idea of different fighting profiles for miis but wish there was better customization.

  • This doesn't matter to me since I will almost certainly try the Mii once on launch day and then never again unless my friends and I go all random. There are way too many interesting characters to spend time on a boring one like my Mii.
  • I really think they should go with bayonetta as a roster addition. She's badass and would be a great fit in my opinion.
  • I feel like there's too many non Nintendo fans complaining about the roster. Mii's, Fit Trainer, Game and Watch etc. are all characters created by Nintendo and I'm certain that they're proud of all of them.

    Just because you didn't like the Wii doesn't mean no one else did. All of Nintendo's history and IP are worth acknowledgement in Smash Bros.

  • Not a fan of the Miis being an addition. For me, it's the jarring difference in quality between a 3D head model pulled straight out of 2001 and the much better quality fighters.

    Since it can't be used online, it won't be an issue. I just would have preferred the resources be put towards something else. I'm sure plenty of people will enjoy it - just not I.

  • Can't you just be happy for the people who like that Miis are in Smash?

  • I liked this feature in Mario Kart Wii. Hopefully it will be implemented as well in this franchise as it was in that one.
  • This reminds me of using your avatar in the xbox360 version of dj hero. Just didnt fit in kinda weird

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