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Super Smash Bros.

Sonic Making A Speedy Smash Bros. Return Trip

Nintendo revealed that Sonic the Hedgehog will be making another Smash Bros. stop as a returning combatant. His appearance marks the second time he's been in the fighting-game series, starting with 2008's Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Sega's hero will be in both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game, so nobody will be left behind. If you didn't play Brawl, Sonic is a speedy fellow, able to zoom around unsuspecting enemies and knock them senseless with his speed dash. We don't know what new abilities he'll bring this time around, if any, but the screens in the gallery below might get your imaginations going.

Take a look at our earlier Smash Bros. preview, which features another returning character, Toon Link.

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  • I would have been more surprised if Sonic didn't appear. Does this count as one of the "three exclusive Sonic games" that Nintendo brokered with Sega?
  • What!? Sonic in a Nintendo game? What has happened?

    I need this game for my 3DS now.

  • Ohhh man!!! That's great!!! Seeing Sonic in this game raises my hopes that Bayonetta and/or Wonder Red (from Wonderful 101) will be in this game, too!
  • Mod
    I'm loving all of this character trolling. You're so evil for this, Nintendo.

    I'm still waiting for the inevitable Bayonetta and Wonder Red announcements.

    Whoot Whoot!
  • Yes! It's great to see Sonic return in SSB4! He wasn't my favorite character (Ike was my favorite), but I liked using Sonic and thought he was great even though his final smash was overpowered. Now, when are we going to see some new characters? Mega Man, Animal Crossing Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer can't be the only new characters, can they?
  • He's back?!.... What?! He gets an appearance in this game, instead of Playstation All-Stars?! *Sigh*

    Dam it Sega. Why you are to trying to hypnotize me to buy a Wii U?!?!!?!?!

    Up Next: Bayonetta!
  • Lol, greeeaaaat, now my Sonic-loving buddies will be able to troll me with that unbelievably annoying taunt..."YOU'RE TOO SLOW!"

    In all honesty, saw this coming.  I think discluding Sonic would have been a death sentence for this game, considering how many Sonic fans there are.

    That's a second character reveal in less than a month...dare I expect another one within a similar time frame?!

  • I wonder if this means Snake has a good chance at coming back.
  • I liked how Sonic played in Brawl. Glad he's staying in for the next version.

  • So does the mean that he's a mainstream smash bros. Character? And I hope shadow will be playable.
  • Mario VS. Mega Man VS. Sonic is a go!!!!!

  • I guess this shouldn't surprise me, but it sort of does. Whatever, I'm really glad he's back!

  • I actually was not expecting him to return, so this came off as a pleasant surprise.

    Hopefully this means we'll get an updated version of Snake as well.
  • Eh...I love Sonic but many of his games and (for me) his appearance in Brawl have been underwhelming to say the least. The only time I used him was when I wanted to give a less skilled friend or family member a fighting chance.

  • Mod
    I actually don't remember him in the other game.
  • Sigh! Sonic is back into a game which is not made for him. Now if the levels were bigger and Sonic slowed down a bit or given new abilities that will not cause him to fly off cliffs. Then it may work.

  • Lucario? and fire elblem which characters are returning?

  • sonic sucks all of his B moves are just him curling up in a ball.
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