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New Screens Of Charizard, Greninja, Zero Suit Samus, And More

Nintendo sent out a veritable boatload of screenshots for their upcoming Super Smash Bros. title for Wii U. Since there were so many, we picked out a few that stood out.

These screens focus on the new Pokemon characters Charizard and Greninja, along with Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, and Yoshi. But these screens also include other fighters like the Wii Fit trainer and Little Mac, as well as a look at some new stages. My personal favorite is Charizard clawing the crud out of the Wii Fit trainer.  

That they would dedicate a gallery to Yoshi as opposed to a new character is perplexing, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were more galleries of new characters coming in the future. 

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  • Just watch that Charizard-Greninja reveal trailer over and over again... so hype.

  • I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening!!!
  • Where the hell is commander Ike. Announce him already.
  • Im just going to say right now. I really hate that Zero Suit Samus is wearing high-heels. No amount of "No no, they're jet boots!" will make that less stupid. Shes a damned bounty hunter, she shouldnt be wearing high-heels.
  • I'm just so happy Zero Suit Samus is back! I'm still not sure how I feel about the inclusion of the non-canon jet boots, or whatever asinine name the gave them, but they can't all be winners.
  • Where is Bayonetta?
  • is the yellow devil an actual character or just a boss?
  • 4 Pokemon in the game so far, I doubt there will be anymore but hey, its not impossible ;) Greninja just looks so boss the way he poses and fights alongside everyone. I love that one pic where Samus is b**** slapping the hell outta Sonic XD
  • This and the new mario kart are the only reasons I'm considering buying the U. Theres definitely other good games, but without the two aforementioned games, I don't feel it would be worth it.

  • This game looks so beautiful, the 3DS version will hold me over till then.

  • I still hate the WiiU trainer
  • greninja!!!

  • Why the H would they use Greninja and Lucario? Nobody recognizes them as Nintendo icons. We should have Mew Two and Entei.
  • honestly i would ahve prefered pokemon trainer returning over charizard (since you get squirtle and ivysaur also), i dont really care about greninja unless he is replacing jigglypuff

  • I'm so ready for this!!!

  • Looking forward to using newcomers Little Mac, Mega Man, and Rosalina! I haven't seen ANYTHING about Falco. I sure hope he returns.
  • alot of jaggies but im sure its only cause it zoomed closeups

  • Can't this game come out sooner?

  • I hope Jiggly Puff doesn't come back. Her time is over. Also, Metroid needs another hunter (or Adam) in Smash since Dark Samus is an Assist Trophy.... biggest let down for me.
  • Am I the only one who thinks the heels for Zero Suit Samus makes her look sexy? Please for the love of god Nintendo, make a demo for the Wii U version. That way we don't have to be THIS impatient.
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