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Fire Emblem’s Marth Joins Cast Of Next Super Smash Bros.

Fire Emblem’s original protagonist, Prince Marth, will rejoin the Super Smash Bros. cast when the next versions of the game arrive on Wii U and 3DS. His inclusion was announced on the official Super Smash Bros. webpage.

Marth carries his sword Falchion (which is not actually a falchion) into battle. He first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee. You can check out images of him on both versions below. For more information on Super Smash Bros., check out some recent coverage.

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  • Roy's our boy! Roy's our boy! Roy's our boy! Oh wait...
  • Just confirm Isaac will return and reveal Chrom, please.

    EDIT: I mean Ike. Sorry about that.
  • Man, he looks great in this game. I can't wait to fight with him.
  • Is Marth a boy or girl? Whichever sex he or she is, Nintendo should make up their minds and give him a more manly haircut of make her more female looking.
  • I always liked Marth. I wish Nintendo would translate the SNES Fire Emblems and bring them to the Virtual Console.

  • Very nice. Now, if we could just get Chrom...

  • In all seriousness I think they should've gone with Chrom, since Awakening is a high-profile title on the 3DS, and sort of an icon for the new generation of Fire Emblem.
  • Yeah! My main man from melee

  • They will almost definitely put Chrom in the game, having two Fire Emblem characters present is by no means a rare occurrence and makes perfect sense with Awakening. There's also a good chance that Marth will have a Lucina skin, which would be hilarious.
  • Which likely means Ike or Roy will make an appearance too.  I preferred Roy when playing.  It's good to see old favorites come back, but I wish there was some better "newcomers" into the fold.  So far, extremely underwhelming.

    This is coming from a long time fan who still owns his original N64 cartridge and has all the others.  This, and the other first party titles I've seen so far, have a definite "been there, done that" feel to me.

  • I enjoyed playing as Roy more than Marth in Melee. I liked his up and B move better.
  • And hopefully he gets nerfed.
  • now they just need to add Chrom...
  • Marth's always been kinda 'meh' gameplay wise. Ike was definitely a step up from Marth in Brawl.
  • Peach went from Mario, to Luigi, to Link, and Marth. lol
  • I was kinda hoping Chrom or Lucina was going to replace him. I'm still hoping Hector or Lyn are going to be the second Fire Emblem character the game.

  • Come on Ike and Roy. They need to make an return too. Also bring more sonic characters, like Knuckles, Blaze and Shadow. One more thing, bring more Megaman characters, such as Roll, Bass and Protoman.
  • I'm glad he's back. So far, we're on track to have all my mains from Brawl included. STILL holding my breath for Capt. Falcon... I would rather see Chrom or Lucina make an appearance over Ike or Roy...I didn't care for Ike, and Roy is a clone.
  • Expected, but still glad he was announced.

  • Sweet, now bring back Roy and Ike, and I wish they used Marth's new costume in Awakening; and while you're at it Nintendo, some others to consider are: Eliwood Lyn Hector Ephraim Eirika Chrom Lucina Heck, scratch all that and just make us a Fire Emblem fighting game.
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