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Greninja Is Easily The Best New Smash Bros. Character

After playing with each of the new characters exactly one time each, I complied this fact based on which character I won the most with: Greninja is clearly the best new fighter.

Earlier in the week, I played Super Smash Bros. with Little Mac, but he proved not to be my best character. But the Nintendo frantic character fighter is so entertaining that I just couldn't stay away, and I went back to the well to find another fighter that would fit more with my style.

I landed on the character Greninja. I'm clearly really good with him; I'm currently undefeated with him. Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai said they actually started picking the character for Smash Bros. before Pokémon X & Y was that far into development. Therefore, the Smash Bros. team actually had a hand in designing the character, but they didn't know he would become one of the more popular characters in Pokémon X & Y. They just picked the one they thought would be the best. That's just an extra fun fact for you. You didn't expect to get any fun facts in this preview, did you? Don't say I never gave you anything.

The final evolved form of Froakie fits right into the rest of the Super Smash Bros. cast, because he's a fun and fast character with a lot of great moves. Greninja can attack foes with two watery swords. One of his special attacks allows him to charge up a water shuriken that hits enemies multiple times. His shadow sneak move allows him to vanish into thin air and attack enemies from behind. Another similar special move sees Greninja to teleport and attack foes, even from afar. This water/dark Pokémon can also reach new heights by riding a water spout.

Just don't try to play against me while I'm playing Greninja; I'm undefeated (so if you're good I'll probably pick a different character for fear of breaking my streak). The game releases on October 3 for the 3DS and in early 2015 for the Wii U.

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  • I'd like to skin Greninja to look like Capcom's Strider Hiryu.
  • Can't wait to play as him!

  • I'm a big fan of Greninja, so this is good to hear! However, I'm not all that enthralled by the inclusion of the Miis into the game. An otherwise great looking title marred by using incredibly simple faces. I'm guessing I'm in the minority and people will have fun with it regardless. I can't wait to see the final roster.
  • I got to play as Greninja in the 3DS demo at Best Buy, and I agree with this. Shadow Sneak is great, you come out of it with an attack, which makes it superior to Zelda and Shiek's teleports. You can charge it while moving, and it can be used in midair (saw someone use it by mistake instead of the recovery). Greninja is just great.

  • In before someone complains about how the game isn't balanced and how they can do a better job than Sakurai. Wait wait wait wait. Did I read right? Smash for Wii U is coming in early 2015, not Holiday 2014? WHAT? Is Nintendo really that hell bent on making the Wii U their biggest failure? This is the one game that might convince a lot of people to get a freaking Wii U during the holiday season!
  • I was initially disappointed by the inclusion of ANOTHER Pokemon, but I'm warming up to it thanks to the gameplay vids I've watched. He looks to have a very appealing approach to a combination of Sheik and Lucario.

    Time will tell.

  • Is it just me, but are there fewer characters than there were in Brawl?
  • We'll see Ben. My best will always be Marth, but I'm looking forward to playing as Rosalina.

  • Can't wait to use this guy. I am still wondering what the final roster is going to be... Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, Falco, Ganondorf, Ice Climbers, Ness, and Lucas are still unconfirmed as far as I know, but I don't think they'd leave out any of the original 12. They've been in every game so far.
  • You don't need to tell me Greninja is a great fighter!

  • oh, god. He's gonna be the new Meta Knight.
  • " in early 2015 for the Wii U." Wow... Someone doesn't pay attention to Holiday 2014 (listed on their site)
  • holiday 2014 is the release date of smash u ben

  • Greninja kills in X and Y competitively, so I'm not surprised he kills in Smash Bros! Also he's my favorite Pokemon of all time, so I'm super-happy!

  • During the tournament, he didn't look that great. And you didn't pick him either. Oh well... I was planning on trying to learn him. Or maybe Zero Suit or even regular Samus.
  • Why so hostile Ben? Wouldn't a whole preview article about a new videogame be the definition of "fun facts?"

  • I really need a Wii U for this game.

  • Oh, what a coincidence. I haven't lost a single match as Greninja either! Or any other character for that matter! Of course, that might change when I actually get the chance to play the game.
  • Early 2015??? I thought this game was JUST advertised at E3 as a holiday release!

  • Its all about opinion and your fighting preference. Me, I gotta try little mac first, he seems very fast and can pack quite a punch ( get it, pack a punch, ha ha ) and megaman. Just for *** and giggles I went and watched megaman reveal online and noticed something, just when megaman throws his metal disk at Mario and link, his music changed to zeros theme from X2 for a very short while before going back to megaman music. Did anyone else notice this? I only bring this up because it seems there pairing characters.

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