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Hyrule Warriors

New Trailer Focuses On Zant And His Scimitar

The latest trailer for Hyrule Warriors focuses on the bizarre antics of Zant, the Twilight Princess antagonist.

Zant has always been one of the stranger characters of the Zelda universe, and his bizarre moveset has moved over to Hyrule Warriors without sacrifice. He can shrink and grow, summon objects from the Twilight realm, and summon a giant version of his head to attack with.

You can check out the trailer below. Hyrule Warriors is coming to Wii U September 26. For more on the game, check out trailers for Link wielding the Master Sword and the Fire Rod, Zelda, and Impa. You can also read about our hands-on impressions from E3, an interview with the team, and the title's E3 trailer.

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  • I never finished Twilight Princess. I got stuck on the Flying City. WHo's this guy supposed to be again?
  • Welp, the final character roster for this game has been leaked after its Japanese release, and there are no new characters aside from the 13 that we already know about. Somewhat disappointing given Anouma's bold comment everyone's favorite character from the series would be playable...
  • That was Zantastic!
  • I love how completely insane he is.

    It was a great reveal in Twilight Princess, and its great now as well.

  • This guy was so weird in Twilight Princess. *SPOILERS* I remember seeing him mimic each of the earlier bosses, and then finally just doing his spinning attack and screaming. *END SPOILERS*

    I was beset with melancholy, oddly enough.

  • I've never played a Warriors game before but from all the trailers I've seen of this game I take it the little minions cant damage you and they just randomly spawn out of thin air?
  • His attack animations just seem so odd to me. He appears to attack very sloppy (not the animators, just the way he actually attacks) and it bugs me. Otherwise, interesting choice?

  • that's awesome, I love all the TP love this game is showing.

  • Nintendo still makes games? LoL

  • *** hilarious, gonna be fun

  • He looks so goofy!

  • Pay to win needs to die; remember when you paid for a game, you got the WHOLE game?