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Hyrule Warriors

Link Heats Up The Battlefield With The Fire Rod

Hyrule Warriors information is starting to flow quickly. This weekend we shared with you an interview with Tecmo Koei and a trailer of Link in action. Now we’ve got a look at the hero wielding one of the franchise’s iconic weapons: the fire rod.

Link can use the large staff to fire off magical shots or as a flamethrower. The rod also has its own Musou attacks for doling out huge damage to multiple enemies in your path.

Hyrule Warriors will be out on September 26 on Wii U. You can read our hands-on impressions from E3 for more information.

[Source: Tecmo Koei via Siliconera]

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  • "Hyrule Warriors looks to be full of fan service." You should have added, "No, not 'that' kind of fan service."
  • Mod
    You tell me about "Link's hot rod" and how this game is "full of fan-service" and THIS is what you're talking about?! Talk about disappointment.
  • Link looks like Grumpy Cat in that pic.
  • Woot

  • Waiting for the imminent Groose announcement, he'll use his pompadour as his weapon of choice
  • This game looks so not amazing. If you're gonna make a Zelda hack 'n slash it should be a super rad, crazy new kind of hack 'n slash, not a Dynasty Warriors clone.
  • Hahaha nice and wasn't it confirmed that Agitha from Twilight Princess is a playable character from Famitsu earlier today?

  • This is definitely going to keep me busy before I pick up my Bayonetta 2 copy. I'm looking forward to this game.
  • Link heats up the bedroom with the rod of fire!


  • Zelda X Ace Attorney: Link tried for Bokoblin genocide
  • Dat clock doe

  • The trailers for this game make it look really fun, but I don't know how long that fun will last.

  • How the hell is Link using one of his usual weapons fan service? I think old Mike Futter is just trying to stir up some s***.

  • Why would anyone want to use a lame ol' Master Sword when you could literally carry an inferno in your hands?

  • I'm still wondering which other males characters will be playable. So far we have link and a bunch of chicks. Boom Majora or Majora's Mask's Sword Master guy.
  • Tight work for sure!

  • WHOA wait a minute... that pre-order stuff looks a lot more interesting then the video!! Are we getting that!?

  • Comes out on my Birthday! Getting it on launch day for sure!

  • Looks pretty slick, can't wait for the new Zelda... It's killing me, does every time.

  • Im buying a Wii U almost exclusively for this game, however, in all the videos I've noticed a major flaw, non of the pawns attack, they approach, stand there, and wait to be attacked.... Im not sure if the pawn type enemy is supposed to substitute for the traditional zelda grass/bushes, but I enjoy fighting enemies which can provide a beating for carelessness... -dax

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