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Hyrule Warriors

Fighting Through The Field As Princess Zelda In Hyrule Warriors

This isn't the first time Princess Zelda has been a playable character, but the chance to take Zelda into the battlefield is still a welcome surprise.

From its first announcement Nintendo has not been shy about the fact that Hyrule Warriors sits comfortably alongside Dynasty Warriors. After spending some time, this is certainly true, but it has some Zelda touches, allowing the game to stand on its own.

As Zelda, I ran into a field crawling with moblins modeled after the version seen in Skyward Sword. I used Zelda's dash and melee attacks to move my way through the crowds. Impa, in another section of the map, was calling for my help so I began to make my way towards her. Before appearing to help, I had powered up my special attack and Zelda unleashed a gigantic light arrow taking out a huge swath of enemies all at once.

Before finding Impa, I found a cave with a treasure chest inside. Familiar Zelda music played as Zelda opened the chest to reveal bombs. I now had bombs at my disposal, and they were infinite. I used them to defeat enemies, and to break apart a collection of boulders to finally make my way to Impa.

Just as I found Impa, a King Dodongo boss enemy appeared and began rampaging toward the castle I was tasked with defending. I immediately began attacking the beast from the back and sides avoiding its fiery mouth, building up and unleashing my special light arrow attack, but I was still barely making any progress on its health bar.

It didn’t occur to me that Zelda boss fighting mechanics would come over to Hyrule Warriors, which in retrospect was short-sighted. After fighting the boss for far longer than I expected, I finally decided to throw bombs in its mouth – much like I did when I originally fought the boss in Ocarina of Time – and I dispatched very quickly, complete with a high-flying finishing move.

Hyrule Warriors feels a lot like Dynasty Warriors for better and worse. I found myself mostly mashing away at the melee button, but there were enough Zelda touches, like minor puzzles and, of course, Zelda characters and enemies, that kept me interested and excited. I also, generally, felt like I was moving faster and defeating more enemies than I typically do in a Dynasty Warriors game. In general, the pace was faster, which was welcome. Also, the opportunity to finally bring the fight to the moblins as Zelda was extremely exciting.

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  • This is definitely one of those games I think, surely no one is excited for this... and then there's droves of Nintendo fans soo excited just to get any sort of game. Y'all deserve better. You really do
  • Man... I know its "Just Dynasty warriors" but I'm so damned excited for this game. Sometimes its nice to just be able to beat the crap out of dudes as your favorite Nintendo characters. Midna!!!
  • I enjoyed the first two Dynasty Warriors games I played years ago. I think a Zelda coat will make the game more enjoyable and appealing to everyone.

    I hope the game has a lot of effort and creativity invested.

  • Day one buy for me!

  • So, Link, Zelda and Impa get new designs. Imp Midna's the same. Hopefully Midna's real form will be redesigned for this game.
  • I cannot wait to see the final roster for this game. This is going to be the busiest holiday for me games-wise in a long time.

  • This game looks really rad, looking forward to it.

  • *Turns on geeky Zelda fan mode*

    Those were bokoblins on the field, Kyle. Not Moblins. ;)

  • EXCITED. VERY. Also, anyone see the character design for the main Villain, Cia? Not something you would expect from Nintendo. I know Nintendo aren't making it, but it's still a Nintendo Property. Also, the story is a lot more personal I found out. Turns out Cia went evil because she fell in love with Link, but found out about his and Zelda's close relationship, so she got angry and starting screwing crap up. Not something you would expect from Zelda, but then again, this is Dynasty warriors set in the Zeldaverse, so I guess it shouldn't be shocking.
  • Ganondorf shall be the Lubu of this game. Day one purchase...wonder if Darunia, Ghirahim, Fierce Deity Link, Vaati, Din, Nayru (well that one picture could be her), Farore, Talon, and Nabooru will be playable? Maybe Rauru at his prime.

  • All it took was Zelda for people to finally take notice of the Warriors games.
  • I gotta say, after watching the minor snippets of video available on my Wii U and GI today, I like the look of this game more than I thought I would. It looks like it might actually be kind of fun, and not just a mindless button mashing snoozefest.

  • I'm glad they announced other playable characters in this, I'm interested to see how this project turns out.

  • Is Dynasty Warriors any good for someone who has never ever played one? Like I played a PS2 demo way back in the day. Maybe this would be a good pickup for someone like me who hasn't played one of the dozens of Warriors games.

    Hm. I'm unsure.

  • On one hand Im really interested in this game. On the other its somewhat iffy for me. Love the action and style but mass waves of enemies seem to dwindle the uniqueness of the moves and enemies. Also is there any upgradables in the game? That would be the official driving point for me and it seems like this game would have some kind of upgrade system within it.

  • Hope to see a lot more familiar faces from across multiple Zelda games, this game isn't canon is it? Cuz then that leaves a lot more freedom to put in characters from games like Wind Waker and Majora's Mask without question. Would also like to see plenty of original characters!

  • It looks interesting just because you get to play as a lot of the characters in the series especially Zelda herself. I'm interested in that and the boss fights really..

  • This is the first time you can play as Zelda in a 3D environment with Zelda in her own body.

  • Game looks like it'd be fun for 5 minutes.

  • I've never cared much for the Zelda games (Le gasp!), but this sounds like it might be one I'll like. I LOVE the Koei Warriors games, so any title that uses its button scheme and plays similarly (such as the Sengoku Basara games and Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi) is worth a look-see. This sounds and looks like the Zelda game I've been searching for.

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