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Hyrule Warriors

Zelda Looks Chic With Sword And Bow

We’re getting some great looks at Hyrule Warriors this week, with new trailers for Link with sword and fire rod and Impa. Now, Zelda joins the fray, with rapier and bow in hand and some pretty devastating attacks that make great use of both.

As you can see, Zelda’s Musou attacks include nods to the Triforce and her skill with a bow. The Legend of Zelda-meets-Dynasty Warriors title will be out on September 26. For more, check out our hands-on impressions from E3, an interview with the team, and the title's E3 trailer.

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  • Need more Zelda in Zelda games.
  • With every announcement and trailer I see, I get more hyped. Considering it comes out on my Birthday, I'm twice as excited!
  • I'm a huge Dynasty Warriors fan, and a very big Zelda fan, just wish there were more good Wii U titles to get me to buy one...
  • Im curious as to the structure of this game(forgive me if its been pointed out already), but are we talking levels here, or rather an open world structure. I cant imagine this game having much of a story. I figured it will be more like an arcade game, which I am totally fine with as it looks pretty cool...and different
  • Yessssss... yesss.... I want the game now!!!

  • Oh wow. This looks like it's going to be a blast to play on September.

  • Still looks like fun. But I am starting to get concerned that they keep showing off the same characters. It'll be a problem for me if this game has only got 3 or 4 playable characters. On another note, I kinda want that tri-force scarf from that second bundle they show.
  • I want to see a goron playable. :D

  • So is this release date for Japan or Worldwide. If it is world wide then I need to go ahead and preorder this game. Also how does this game co-op work, is it 2 players or 4 players?
  • Futter's pun for the win.
  • So... in a Dynasty Warriors game, do the enemies ever actually have a chance to hit you? Because it looks like they just stand around and rather timidly approach the hero, or in the case of that Wizzrobe, just sort of stare doom right in the face. I mean the game looks cool and all, but a little challenge would be nice.
  • I have the PS4 and XB1 and need to one day get the Wii U already. I know I'd be waaaaaaaay more excited about this if I did. Still tho, it looks pretty sweet and I'm excited for those that will get to play it even if I probably won't get to.
  • Mod

    The want for this game just keeps on building higher and higher!

  • Are there gonna be any more dudes? Just wondering

  • I wish this was coming out in July because there is nothing else coming out and I'm sure that would urge more people to buy, not to mention I could use more games to play on my Wii U.

  • This looks like literally JUST mashing buttons with little to no opposition. Do fans buy these games for the spectacle or something?
  • I am happy to see Zelda as a playable character in a Zelda game. Her attacks look really good.

  • Mmm... Zelda...

  • I was done with this type of game on the first Xbox, and PS. A little

    bit of challenge would be nice, but it is Nintendo, so for the more casual gamer it may be fine. one question, if Zelda can do all that, how does she get captured?

  • I'm glad they didn't forget that Zelda uses magic. I would have been disappointed if they tooled her to be a simple sword-wielder.

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