It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that GTA V continues to be a popular topic this week, and there were certainly plenty of blogs inspired by the game. But there were also quite a few other blogs you might find just as entertaining.

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Period Reviewed: September 30 – October 06, 2013
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Community Events:

Extra Life 2013 is just around the corner. Game Informer's online community volunteer coordinator Zachary Pligge posts a pair of blogs about the event including Update #3  and the Prize Blog.

Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Scoreboard – Week 4
The GIO Fantasy Football League scores another update from cerpintaxman, who gives us a play-by-play review of all of the action before concluding with the league's current standings.

Community Blogs:

Will We Ever See Bad Company Again?
While Call of Duty and Battlefield continue jockeying for position in the realm of modern shooters, Juanolo XI wonders if and when we'll see the return of the boys from Bad Company.

Games That Make the Wii U Worth Owning
The Wii U continues to receive a lot of criticism about its lack of titles but Jack Treese takes an opposite approach with his blog focusing on games that make Nintendo's latest console worth owning.

The Walking Dead Sparked My Love for Telltale, But . . .
Jeremy Sturgill has a certain fondness for Telltale's The Walking Dead series but that doesn't mean he's unwilling to point out some missteps in the latest installment, 400 Days.

Drunk On Video Games
A great blog from seb100172 you really have to read to appreciate, exploring the idea that playing games in excess can diminish the overall experience and joy you might otherwise feel when taking your time.

GIO Member Herding Part 58 Of XX...
A fan-favorite series returns after an extended leave of absence. Thegodofwine7 takes over the helm of Member Herding, a feature spotlighting a member of the community with a personal interview.

The Top Ten Government Shutdowns In Video Games
Tim Gruver injects a little humor in the not-so-funny crisis currently affecting all of us as he lists his favorite government shutdowns from various games while reminding us that it could be worse.

My Top Ten Moments From My XCOM Live Stream
Another Tuesday and another top ten list from Eric Watson, this time capturing his top ten moments from the highly regarded turn-based strategy game X-COM. Video included.              

The Ladies Of Dynasty Warriors: Introduction
Normally multi-part blogs aren't featured here, but Azure Moon's blogs highlighting female characters from Dynasty Warriors stand on their own. Check out the second one here.

Mind Blown: The Grand Theft Auto Series
Another gamer satisfied with the Grand Theft Auto experience, Servant of God discusses a few of the games in the series and what makes them so special.

Video Games And The Struggle With Satire
Whether you agree, disagree, or can even comprehend David Chandler's latest musing remains to be seen, but it's as interesting as it is educational and definitely worth reading.

Community Review:

Grand Theft Auto V – Do I Even Need A Tagline?
No question about it: Grand Theft Auto V is destined to be one of the most memorable games of 2013. The latest installment in Rockstar's open-world series continues to rake in impressive review scores, like this one from Jack Treese.

Community Podcasts:

After a shortage of podcasts, the Jacked Up Indie & Mojo show floods the airwaves this week with not one or two or even three podcasts, but four.  Click for Episode 19, Episode 20, and Episodes 21 & 22.

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