GIO Community!

Extra Life is slowly creeping up on us. With about a month and a half until the event, I wanted to release another community update. Team GIO has been busy working hard for this year's Extra Life campaign.

Team GIO is now 25 members strong and has raised a total of $3411.99 out of our $15,000 goal amount. We are currently the 13th overall ranked team and have a member who is ranked in the top ten of total fundraisers currently registered. This is wonderful! It's truly inspiring to see the Game Informer Community coming together for this cause. Now is the time to start recruiting hard and increasing the size of our team.

The Team GIO prize blog is complete. This page contains the raffle rules and prizes for all members of our Extra Life team. It also contains some of the prizes that will be given away during the Extra Life Game Informer Livestream. All of these prizes are graciously donated by community members and developers. The Team GIO prize page will be updated regularly as I receive more donations from community members, so visit often over the next few weeks. If you would like to donate a prize to the raffle or livestream, feel free to contact me.

Final note, the Game Informer Extra Life Livestream will commence at 8 AM on November 2nd and be running the entire 24 hours. Expect prizes to be given away, laughs to be had, and some of the most random events to occur (probably not to the level of GI After Dark, but pretty darn close). For a little more information on this event, visit Ben Reeves' feature on Extra Life. The GIO Livestream also has it's own Extra Life account. If you are unable to join the team and fund raise, but plan to watch the stream and want to help out, you could always donate directly to that account!


Recap: 25 Members (we need more!), $3400+ raised thus far, prizes, livestream, raising money to help kids!


Thank you to everyone in the GIO Community to has been working extremely hard thus far! Let's continue this awesome effort for the next few weeks leading up to the event.


Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via my info below!


Twitter:  @PliggeTheFallen

GIO:  Zachary Pligge / PliggeTheFallen