For years now, DICE has been on a roll. From creating big game series like Battlefield and Mirror's Edge, to wowing us with there remarkable game engine, DICE seems to be on quite a roll, and it doesn't look like the roll is going to stop anytime soon. With the huge Battlefield 4 coming out, Mirror's edge coming out soon, and the reboot of Star wars battlefront, DICE is going to be busy for a while. As I see DICE looking to the future, I can only think of one question: Where's Bad Company?

 We all know that DICE is most known for the Battlefield series. You know that one series that gives Call of Duty a run for there money? Yep, that game series. I must say, you have Bad Company 2 to thank for some of Battlefield 3's success. I've always said that Bad Company 2 is the father, and Battlefield 3 is the son. Having played both, I could see Battlefield 3 borrowed a lot from Bad Company 2, and improved it. The thing was though; Bad Company 2 had much better narrative and characters. Story to me is what makes a game better then another game. If that's the case that Bad company 2 is better, then why continue making sequels for a game not as good as another game, and leave the other game alone?

The answer is simple: Money. Bad company 2 sold about a good 6-7.5 million copies. Battlefield 3 sold over 15 million copies, which is very good. Look at the jump though of battlefield 2 to 3, a big jump, and don't think Battlefield 4 is going to sell poorly. It might even sell more than Battlefield 3 did. Bad company 2 sold more then Battlefield 2. So, from a marketing point of view, think of the amount of money you could get there? Some bug bucks waiting to be earned.

What about DICE's other releases? Of course we should have a sequel to Mirror's edge. I mean when Mirror's edge releases (Probably late 2014, maybe 2015), it'll be 6-7 years since the original Mirror's edge came out. Sure, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I know a lot of people who would like to go on another jog with Faith. For the Star Wars: Battlefront reboot, why not? The previous 2 Battlefront games sold 14 million copies, and by the time the reboot should come out, the world will be watching episode 7. Star wars is about to become really, really big again. If Star wars 1313 never comes out (let's hope it does), then what's going to be Star wars for gaming? Well that's easy: Star wars Battlefront!

 What do we have to give to get Bad Company 3? I have a plan. DICE, please stop help make Medal of Honor. Perfect solution. Yes, I know Danger Close is the developer of Medal of Honor, and DICE only helps, let's look at the time line. 2010: Medal of Honor and last bad company, 2011: Battlefield 3, 2012: Medal of Honor Warfighter, 2013: Battlefield 4, and 2014: Medal of Honor 3? I don't think so. Danger close had their chance. I did think Warfighter was an improvement, but it was a disappointment. Even in sales, the sales from Warfighter were a lot lower then the sales of 2010's Medal of Honor.

 DICE has said that there will be a Bad company 3, but how long has it been developed? Is it being developed? I may not be a videogame designer, but I'm pretty sure it will at least take 2-3 years to make another bad company, but with Battlefield 4, Mirror's edge, and Battlefront reboot in progress, when they have time. I think that if they are in development, try to hit a late 2014 release because if Mirror's edge is being pushed back 2015, what's coming out? Nothing. Perfect opportunity. Thing is, that's kind of pushing it. If they release it in 2015, DICE will really have it's handful with all their games out. 2016 I think is really pushing it. It's like what DICE did with Battlefield 2 and 3. Battlefield 2 was released in 2005, and 3 was released in 2011. 2017 and beyond I just say forget it. DICE will more focused on other things by that moment.


Before I come to my conclusion, I don't want you to believe that I'm attacking DICE, and that their other games releasing suck. No that's not true. Well, maybe for Medal of Honor but the rest I really enjoyed. I'm not saying Bad company 2 is perfect. It does have some flaws, but it's a modern warfare FPS that's actually pretty good, have great characters, and a pretty good plot. It's just, DICE I think hit gold with Bad Company 2, and once they hit gold, they wanted to go other places to see if they can find more gold, but leave their first gold mine behind in the dust, and forget about it. Lesson of the day: Don't forget your gold.

 This will conclude my blog. When will we see Bad company again? I think there's one person to answer that, and I think we all know who they are. I know that there are people who think we should never have bad company, and that Battlefield  is way better, but I'd argue that there's a better Battlefield out there better then Battlefield 3. Thanks again to everyone who reads and comment on my blog. So what do you think about the matter at hand? Thanks again, and Adios Amigos!

Your Amigo,