It's no secret that Nintendo's newest home console, the Wii U, isn't doing very well in the marketplace.  Many gamers criticize the console for only being on-par with current-generation consoles, which sounds similar to criticisms lobbied against its predecessor when that first released.  Despite the high-definition upgrade and the very cool GamePad, gamers are also disappointed by the seeming lack of good-quality games.

However, as a Wii U owner myself I can point out five games that make the Wii U worth having.  Whether they're great single-player experiences, have great multiplayer qualities or just show off the Wii U's GamePad capabilities well, here are five games that make the Wii U worth its spot on your entertainment center.

5.  ZombiU

ZombiU is a game that catches a lot of flack for various reasons.  Some complain about its graphics, others complain about its gameplay, and others complain about its overall redundancy.  I feel these criticisms are both fair and unfair at the same time.  Sure, it may not be the most beautiful-looking game, and sure, beating zombies with a cricket bat might get boring after a while, but once you sink your teeth further into it, ZombiU is a real treat for anyone willing to look past its criticisms to have a good time slaughtering the undead.

In addition to ZombiU offering one of the best examples of how the GamePad should be utilized, ZombiU also offers one of the coolest multiplayer experiences on Wii U yet with King of the Zombies.  In this mode, the player with the GamePad controls a legion of zombies while other players with either the Pro Controller or Wii remote/nunchuck do their best to withstand the onslaught.  It's a great way to introduce Wii U to mature gamers skeptical about the console's audience.

4.  New Super Mario Bros. U

What is there to explain about this?  It's Mario!  Even if the New Super Mario Bros. series is beginning to lose its newness, there's no denying that having Mario available and ready to play on your new Nintendo console is a good thing.  The game delivers the same single-player or co-op experience we've all come to appreciate, while giving us Mario in HD for the first time.  In addition to all of that, the GamePad brings us a new layer of gameplay with Boost Mode, where whomever is manning the new Nintendo controller can add temporary platforms to grab hard-to-reach Star Coins or power-ups.

Very recently, New Super Mario Bros. U got an added boost with Pro Controller support and new downloadable content in the form of New Super Luigi U, which takes the present game and gives it a complete facelift to accommodate Luigi's super-jump abilities and presents an entirely new challenge which is still challenging players old and new.

3.  Pikmin 3

The Pikmin 3 reveal at E3 2012 was enough to convince a lot of Wii U early adopters to get the new console at launch or soon after.  Even though it was delayed a couple of times, Pikmin 3 is one of the most beautiful-lo0oking games on Wii U and proves that the console has some power to it.  The environmental textures, especially water, are absolutely breath-taking and have to be seen to be believed.  Its story mode keeps players busy for a while depending on how soon they wish to advance with it, and the multiplayer component is fun too.

Pikmin 3 offers a wide diversity when it comes to control options.  Players can play with only the GamePad, or they can use it in conjunction with their Pro Controller or Wii remote/nunchuck combination.  Its adaptability, terrific graphics and easy-to-learn gameplay makes Pikmin 3 absolutely worth having.

2.  Rayman Legends

I know, I know.  Ubisoft unceremoniously delayed it weeks before its original launch date in February to bring it to other platforms.  I know, it sucked.  However, now that it's been released I think it's safe to say that everyone pretty much agrees on something; Rayman Legends is best played on Wii U, where it was originally intended to be an exclusive in the first place.  Legends gives Wii U owners very cool touch-screen gameplay with Murfy, whom will switch out with Rayman or other characters in game while the player takes control of environments using the GamePad.

The gameplay is somewhat similar on other platforms, but it doesn't feel quite as at home as it does on Wii U.  With online challenges, five-player co-op and a whole lotta fun, Rayman Legends is a definite stand-out title that Wii U owners should have on their shelves.

1.  The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

The first Zelda game for Wii U that isn't a Virtual Console title is a high-def upgrade of a polarizing GameCube classic.  A lot of gamers loved the game's design, a lot of gamers couldn't stand it, and a lot of gamers also initially avoided the game because of its cel-shading.  Consider yours truly to be in the latter category.  I never had the chance to play Wind Waker until this released just recently, and only a small part of me regrets having skipped out on it before because I can't help but feel like this is seriously the definitive version of Wind Waker.

The game takes on a life of its own on your HDTV, and it certainly helps that it plays great whether you use the GamePad or the Pro Controller.  The GamePad offers you complete on-the-fly access to your inventory and map screen.  Wind Waker HD also offers a fun way to interact with other players via Miiverse with the TIngle Bottles that can be randomly found on your journey.  Whether you've played Wind Waker before, or you've never touched it once in your life, I couldn't think of a better way for this to be played.  Wind Waker HD is, without a doubt, the best reason to own a Wii U.


And that wraps up this installment of "My Five."  What do you think?  Do you own a Wii U and agree, or will this list do nothing to convince you to own one?  Sound off below.  And as always, thank you for checking out my blog!