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The Kingdom of Wei was one of the Three Kingdoms in the Three Kingdoms Era.  It was the kingdom to the north and was ruled by an ambitious man named Cao Cao.  The Kingdom of Wei would later be ruled by his son Cao Pi.  As of Dynasty Warriors 8, there are 18 playable characters for Wei, 3 of which are The Lethal Beauties of Wei.  As seen in the above picture, from left to right, they are Wang Yi, Cai Wenji, and Zhen Ji.  I will now discuss each of these women starting with Zhen Ji, followed by Cai Wenji, and then finishing with Wang Yi.


DW 3

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Zhen Ji


Background:  Zhen Ji is the first woman to be a playable character for the Kingdom of Wei.  She is a noble woman who is reputed to be an extraordinary beauty.  She is usually first seen fighting in Yuan Shao's ranks, usually at the Battle of Guan Du, and then joining Wei after meeting Cao Pi, who would later become her husband.  After that, she is usually seen fighting alongside him, and she would later become the Empress of Wei after Cao Pi becomes Emperor of Wei.  She debuted in Dynasty Warriors 3 and has since been in every game.  In games 3, 4, and 5 she used a flute as her weapon, however in game 6 she used a whip.  In games 7 and 8, she went back to using a flute as her default weapon.  When she uses her flute, she normally wields it like a bludgeon and plays it when she performs a special or musou attack.  Personality-wise, I'd say that she is the "prissy, high-class" girl among the girls of Wei.

Love Interest:  Her love interest is Cao Pi, the son of the ruler of Wei, Cao Cao.  He is actually her second husband, her first being Yuan Xi, Yuan Shao's second son.  The story of how she met Cao Pi is that she is usually fighting alongside her husband against Cao Cao's army at the Battle of Guan Du, and when Cao Pi meets her on the battlefield he instantly falls in love with her.  It varies from game to game on the specifics, but they usually fight, and after he proves his worth to her, she decides to defect and soon marries him after Cao Cao defeats Yuan Shao and his three sons.  As far as his personality goes, he is ambitious, like his father, but he has a bit of a colder and sometimes crueler manner than him.  However, when it comes to Zhen Ji, he is usually very warm and often showers her with compliments.  Zhen Ji returns that love with compliments of her own concerning him and she is very dedicated to him and his ambitions.  She is normally seen on the battlefield fighting alongside him.  Personally, even though I really like Cao Pi, and I don't like Zhen Ji, I have to admit that they actually make a pretty great couple.  Not only do they look good together, their personalities compliment each other very well.  Among the couples in Dynasty Warriors, this one is one of my favorites.

Cao Pi, Zhen Ji's Second Husband

Looks and Personality:  I have to level with you all, I don't really like Zhen Ji all that much.  As far as her personality goes, that is.  To me, her looks are a bit hit and miss.  Personality-wise, I don't like her very much, and the honest truth of it is that she is an uppity, and sometimes downright witchy, snot.  Sorry, but that's the way I feel about it.  Zhen Ji has a major superiority complex most of the time, but I actually have to admit, after playing some of the more recent games, that seems to have been toned down a bit.  A few games back, it was BAD.  Practically every time the woman opened her mouth, she was COMPLETELY obnoxious.  Now, it's not so bad.  She still has a bit of the superiority complex, but it's not as bad as it was.  She's also one of the women in the game that's a bit of a "miss priss".  Even though she fights on the battlefield, she's not a "warrior woman" like Wang Yi or Xing Cai.  She can definitely hold her own, but she's not one of the tough girls that strike fear in everyone's hearts. 

Speaking of "miss priss", she definitely carries herself as such, but she also dresses like it too.  In general, I find her outfits to be pretty, but somehow or other, Koei often makes her look, well.....trashy.  There, I said it.  Most of the time, she looks a bit trashy.  She often wears things that should look elegant and high-class, but for me, they often miss the mark on the "elegance".  After looking at the pictures of her, I have to say that other than DW 7, which was absolutely HIDEOUS, she is looking better.  The first outfit, I always thought, was gorgeous.  The outfits for 4 and 5 were definitely a bit on the trashy side, however 6's outfit was actually pretty dang stunning!  Weird that THAT just came out of my mouth...seriously, I HATED the character changes that were made in DW 6, but that outfit for Zhen Ji, and her look in general, was amazing.  They achieved elegance and refinement, but they still kept her sexy.  It has to be my personal favorite.  7's outfit I'm not even going there on, other than to ask, "Koei, what the heck were you thinking?!"  Then we get to her current look.  I have to say, I love the outfit, except for one thing.  Everyone has their "fashion pet-peeves", and mine...is fishnet hose.  OMG, I can't stand fishnet hose, and that's why I have mixed feelings about her current look.  The dress is gorgeous, no doubt, but the hose and the matching gloves really cheapen the look.  Thankfully in the game, unless you are STARING at her legs, you can't really tell that they aren't solid hose, but still, I think I would have rather they gone with a solid color hose, or no hose at all.  So, I like the outfit, but it definitely could have been accessorized better...

What I Want To See In The Future:  As far as Zhen Ji goes, she's a pretty established character, so there really aren't that many things that I would like to see changed.  As I said earlier, her obnoxious attitude seems to be getting better, and I would definitely like to see that continue, because the main reason I DON'T like her is because she can be a total snobby witch!  When it comes to her weapons, like I said, she's an established character, so I am used to seeing her default weapon being the flute, even if it is a bit of a ridiculous weapon.  I think the most change that I want to see in Zhen Ji is in her look.  I realize she's supposed to be the "sexy one" in the Kingdom of Wei, but that doesn't mean she should look like, and pardon my French, a tramp.  After playing the more recent games, I have actually come to realize that when she's not being all uppity and obnoxious, she's actually a pretty classy and elegant lady.  I would very much like to see an elegant, yet still sexy outfit for her in future titles to reflect that.




DW 7

Cai Wenji


Background:  Cai Wenji is the second woman to be a playable character for Wei.  She is a gentle, artistic, and very well read soul who was rescued by Cao Cao.  She then joins Wei in order to repay the debt she owes him.  According to my research, she made her debut in Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid 2, which if I'm reading this right, didn't make it over to America.  So her debut here (as far as I can tell), was in Dynasty Warriors 7.  She is also in Dynasty Warriors 8.  In both games she uses a harp as a weapon.  She plays it and a serge of energy emanates from the harp to attack her enemies, and in some instances it has healed her in battle.  Personality-wise, I'd say that she is the "nice girl" of the girls of Wei.

Love Interest:  In the games, there really isn't anyone that Cai Wenji is in love with.  The only man she seems to be close to is Cao Cao, but that seems to be more of a relationship based on respect and gratitude, rather than romance.

Looks and Personality:  I gotta say, I was relieved to hear that Wei was FINALLY getting another female character!  When I played Cai Wenji, I definitely liked her better than Zhen Ji, at least personality-wise.  When it comes to her weapons, I definitely preferred Zhen Ji's flute (what is up with the musical instruments?) over Cai Wenji's harp.  Personality-wise, Cai Wenji is a lot nicer and gentler than her confident, sexy counterpart, which I thought was a pretty good way to balance them out at the time.  She's very soft-spoken and polite.  She's also extraordinarily intelligent and poetic, not to mention musically inclined!  Even though she is really kind and talented, she's also a bit sad, making her into a bit of a "tragic" character.  As far as her looks go, I think it matches her personality pretty well.  She's pretty, but not someone that I would consider "sexy".  She's also usually pretty reserved when it comes to her outfits, which I also think matches her personality pretty well.  She's another one of those characters that's a bit of a "miss priss", even more so than Zhen Ji, in fact.  Due to her gentle nature and soft look, she doesn't really look like the type that would help fight in a battle.  She holds her own, though, even if she doesn't look it.  As far as the two outfits go, they look very similar to me, but if I had to choose one or the other, it would be 7's.  To me, her current outfit looks heavy and a bit overly done.  It's still pretty, but it doesn't have the effortlessness and the lightness of the previous one.

What I Want To See In The Future:  When it comes to Cai Wenji, I think they made a pretty good character with relatively few flaws.  I like the fact that she balances out Zhen Ji in looks and personality, and her personality is pretty nice.  The only thing I have to say about her looks is to warn Koei not to over do it.  As I said earlier, her current look looks overdone, making it look like "too much of a good thing".  I'd like to see a bit less ornamentation in the future and more of the effortlessness that I saw in her first outfit.  One other thing that I don't particularly like is her weapon.  I don't know, I just think that her harp, even though it makes some beautiful effects, is awkward to use.  I don't know what else she could use, but I don't usually have her using her default weapon often.  Another thing that I am a bit disappointed in is the fact that you really don't see her that often in the games.  You didn't see her much in 7 and in 8, she has a bigger role in the Hypothetical Route (and it actually wasn't that big of a role) for Wei.  She seems to be a bit of a minor character and I would definitely like to see her more in these games.  They've made a good character here and I think she deserves to be featured more in the series.




DW 7: Xtreme Legends

Wang Yi


Background:  Wang Yi is the third woman to become a playable character for Wei.  She is a tough as nails warrior who's only purpose in life is to kill Ma Chao, the "Demon of Xi Liang".  In the games Cao Cao recruits her as a general and helps her in her quest for vengeance after her clan fell to ruin at the hands of Ma Chao.  She debuted in Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends, and has returned in Dynasty Warriors 8.  In both games she uses a pair of trishulas, which resemble a pair of ninja sai, only on a larger scale.  In battle, she uses two of them and wields them in a reverse grip.  Personality-wise, I'd say that Wang Yi is the "tough girl" of the Wei girls.

Love Interest:  In the games she doesn't seem to have a love interest.  The only man she has eyes for is Ma Chao, and those eyes look upon him with searing hatred and a lust for vengeance.

Looks and Personality:  Wang Yi is definitely the tough, warrior-woman of Wei and her looks and personality say that loud and clear.  One thing that I find a bit eerie about Wang Yi is that before DW 7: Xtreme Legends and even DW 7 came out, I was thinking about writing these blogs, and Wang Yi was pretty much word for word what I wanted in a new Wei girl.  Creeeeeeeeepy......One thing that I didn't count on though was the fact that this woman is a complete and utter psycho!  Seriously, this woman is SADISTIC.  Her obsession with Ma Chao and some of the things that she says about him and even to him are a bit disturbing.  Other than her whole "quest for vengeance" thing, she is pretty much what I wanted in a new Wei girl.  She is tough, confidant, yet beautiful.  Her character is also more centered around her being a warrior, and not just another pretty face.  I so desperately wanted that for Wei, because the other two women are "pretty girls" that just happen to also to fight.  Not Wang Yi.  She is a warrior, through and through, and I MAJORLY respect that.  This is definitely not a chick I would want to meet on the battlefield.

When it comes to her looks, I like the fact that they went "warrior woman", but still kept her LOOKING like a woman.  If you look at Wang Yi, she is actually quite elegant looking.  I do like that aspect of her looks, and if I had to choose between the two outfits here, I'd definitely go with her current look.  She looks completely amazing!  I love the armor and is it just me, or does she have a bit of a Lightning from Final Fantasy look to her?  Maybe it's just me....still, her looks I think are both pretty good.  They both embrace her warrior spirit, but they still compliment her womanly figure.

What I Want To See In The Future:  Wang Yi is a pretty top-notch character.  She's a bit solemn and sadistic, but I think it works for her.  All I can really say is to not go overboard with the whole "psychotic" thing, because when it comes to that, there is such a thing as "too much of a good thing".  Another thing would be to keep up the excellent outfits, they are both amazing and work perfectly for her.  Other than that, I think she is pretty excellently executed, and honestly, she's one of my favorite female characters in the entire series.  All I can say is keep it up!




What Kind Of Lady(ies) I Want To See In The Future:  When I first wanted to write this blog series, I wanted to see Wei get a female character that was a true warrior, and not just another pretty girl.  That was given to me in the form of the newest lady, Wang Yi.  So what do I want now, I wonder?  What kind of woman does Wei need now?  I know one thing's for sure, Wei DOESN'T need another pretty, prissy girl that uses a musical instrument as a weapon.  Seriously, after seeing Cai Wenji, I was going, "I'm starting to notice a pattern here..."  So, Wei doesn't need that.  One thing that I notice among these ladies is that they are all a bit on the serious side.  Cai Wenji is really nice, but she's a bit serious and sad and Wang Yi always looks either depressed or angry enough to kill somebody.  Even Zhen Ji, with her sometimes humorously snotty remarks, isn't really all that "lighthearted".  I think THAT'S what I want to see for Wei.  I want an exuberant, happy, and just plain FUN girl.  A Bao Sanniang, but for Wei, if you will (and I will talk about her later).  I want to see a girl that will bring an energy and even humor to the battlefield that these ladies just don't bring.  Mind you, I don't want her to be a joke, but I think a fun girl that happily runs onto the battlefield before Yue Jin does, jokes with Zhang He that SHE is the most beautiful one on the battlefield, and still kicks butt as good as Xiahou Dun or Zhang Liao would be AWESOME.  I think that a lady with that kind of vibrant personality is just what Wei needs.  :)



Conclusion:  In the Kingdom of Wei, there are three Lethal Beauties.  The noble, yet snobby empress Zhen Ji, the gentle and poetic musician Cai Wenji, and the vicious and beautiful warrior Wang Yi.  These ladies captivate with their stunning beauty and incredible battle prowess and they show all the men that they should watch out, and never underestimate them!  They may have some issues with trashy looks, cumbersome weapons, and disturbing blood lust, but these ladies in general are pretty great, and I hope that in the future these issues can be panned out and we'll see some new, and possibly exuberant, faces join this incredible line-up of Lethal Beauties.



-Azure Moon





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