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Xbox Games Showcase

Halo Infinite Comes Out Swinging During Xbox Showcase

by Matt Miller on Jul 23, 2020 at 11:15 AM

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We’ve known since 2018 to expect Master Chief’s return in Halo Infinite, and as recently as this week we got a look at the new box cover. But after years of teases, today brought a big look at the game that Microsoft is pinning a lot of hopes on; Halo Infinite is set to lead the charge for Microsoft’s next generation of gaming.

In Microsoft’s focus on Halo Infinite, a big focus during today’s showcase was on the sheer scope and size of the new game. Halo Infinite’s primary setting is a Halo ring that is described as being several times larger than the last two Halo games combined.

Opening with a brand new cinematic trailer, we see Master’s Chief’s Mjolnir armor being assembled. A voiceover feature’s Cortana’s voice speaking to Master Chief. The cinematic cuts away to a gameplay demo set on May 28th of 2560, where we see Master Chief aboard a crashing ship.  After crashing, Master Chief heads out onto a Halo, and is immediately confronted by Covenant troops. Luckily, our hero comes across a warthog, and zips off to begin exploration.


A map shows nearby waypoints, implying an open-world vibe to gameplay that allows for freeform exploration of a large environment. Right off the bat, the look and feel of the action feels especially reminiscent of the original Halo. Recalling the color palette and tone of the early minutes of that first game. Here, however, the action has a number of new bells and whistles, not the least of which is the fast-moving action, as well as a grapple that lets Master Chief pull objects closer to him.

Over the course of the extended demo, we see Master Chief climb his way up into a Covenent ship, although it seems these enemies are now using new names – potentially called the Banished. In a holographic presentation, we see what appears to be one of Halo Infinite’s big villains, who seems to have a personal stake in taking on Master Chief. As the demo closed out, 343’s studio head promised us a look at multiplayer in the coming months.

The game is, of course, aiming to leverage the power of Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X console. Among other things, that means that the game is aiming to run at a locked 60 frames per second during campaign gameplay (though no word yet on multiplayer).

Published by Xbox Game Studios, and developed by 343 Industries, Halo Infinite is set to release this holiday season.

Check out the demo below.


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