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Kyle Hilliard

Senior Associate Editor

Kyle Hilliard has been enjoying games since the SNES days, but it became a full on love affair after Link's seven year nap in Ocarina of Time. Since that point, nearly every pursuit either professional or casual has been in the interest of getting a job where he could force his opinions about video games onto unsuspecting readers. In high school and college, he convinced the school papers to let him write about video games. While shooting and editing video content for The Charleston City Paper during a college internship, he convinced them to let him write about video games. After graduating from the College of Charleston in 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Communication and a Minor in Film Studies, he accepted a job managing the websites of a number of local newspapers in South Carolina. He also convinced them to let him write about video games. After convincing many other websites to let him write about video games, he finally convinced Game Informer. At that point, Kyle packed up all his things and his very pregnant wife, moved to Minnesota, and started working his dream job. When he is not at work, or playing video games at home, or sleeping, Kyle spends time with his wife (i.e. playing video games together), daughter, and two cats.

Visiting The Set Of Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Pokémon Detective Pikachu is available to watch digitally today (it comes out on DVD, Blu-ray, etc. August 6) which is a good excuse to revisit our feature about visiting the set in London while the movie was being made to talk to its cast and creators.