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More Curves Coming Your Way

by Matthew Kato on Jul 02, 2018 at 03:00 PM

Codemasters is continuing to build up the F1 series' career mode in F1 2018 after it being almost entirely absent a few years ago. Last year introduced an impressive R&D tech tree, and this year's title is tearing it down – sort of. And in a good way. This tweak to developing your team fits into a general theme for some of the mode's additions, putting you in shifting circumstances. It adds more pressure for you to get results on the track, but also lets you bet on yourself and reap the rewards of your hard work.

The Rules Have Changed

R&D is an important part of making sure your team is competitive, not only during the season but for the long haul. F1 2018 ups the stakes by demanding players be more adaptable in order to succeed.

First off, the tech tree is shrouded by a fog of war effect. Thus, you can't easily map out where you want to take your program, putting more weight on making the right choices in the moment.

Secondly, and more importantly, rules changes can greatly affect your program. Rumors might come down at the end of a particular season that new rules for next season might force a reset of your powertrain program, for example. If this happens, you have two options. You can start saving money in advance to protect the gains you've already made (at the expense of spending in other areas), or you can take your chances that the changes don't affect you that badly.

These R&D shakeups don't happen every season, although when they do they affect all the teams, meaning that some may be more hurt than others – possibly effecting the balance of power among the teams. Codemasters says there are some 20 different paths these shakeups can take.


Cashing In On Your Contract 

When you're not racing or making decisions on your team's R&D program, you'll be working on your own contact negotiations. Multiple times during the season you and your agent talk with the team and go back and forth about your contact value. You can see what the team expects from you and gauge what you think you can achieve (like in qualification, for example) and what team perks you want.

Naturally, the team is going to lowball your worth, so it's up to you to prove them wrong, maximize your value, and get the best contract package possible. You can also do the same with outside teams to see if there's a better situation on the other side of the fence.

Being Yourself

Interviews are usually worthless in career modes, so F1 2018 is trying to up the stakes by letting you take on sportsmanship or showmanship personas.

Answer interview questions (the interviews are not every week) and you can give answers that exhibit sportsmanship or showmanship. You'll know which characteristic you exhibit as soon as you answer, and teams expect you to be one or the other.

Playing your part affects your team's departments differently, and is noticed by outside teams as well. Furthermore, it can be used to motivate your team (or it may have the opposite effect), and if you want to answer a bit off the cuff, you can still motivate your team if you're cocky, for instance, if you've earned the right by your results on the track.

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