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The Game Awards 2020

New Look At Dragon Age 4 During The Game Awards 2020

by Liana Ruppert on Dec 10, 2020 at 06:48 PM

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The Game Awards 2020 showcase has officially kicked off and true to BioWare's word earlier this week, we've got a new update regarding Dragon Age 4 and it's an actual trailer this time! While not the real-deal quite yet, the cinematic teaser shows off what looks like Zevran's concept art armor, more magic, the return of darkspawn, and my arch nemesis-meets-love-interest: Solas. 

In the latest video, we've got a sneak peek at what's next from the studio that gave us magisters, rebellion, and that "creepy red s---". While Dragon Age 4 is still a long way off, this does at least appease a little of that urge to learn more. It's also fitting, given that Dragon Age 4 was first revealed during the Game Awards back in 2018.

Given that the ending of the Trespasser DLC in Dragon Age: Inquisition shows off a very frustrated looking Inquisitor stabbing a map of the Tevinter Imperium in their search for our Egg Boy Lord And Savior Solas, it's been pretty obvious that this is where the next game will take place. Never mind the fact that the most recent comics also had a heavy focus on the blood mage capital of the world, even including one of the Inquisitor's inner circle: Dorian. With Mage Killer, Blue Wraith, and Tevinter Nights all focusing heavily on Tevinter, Antiva, and Nevarra, it looks like a lot of the remaining loose ends could see a resolution, not just with the Dread Wolf himself. 

With the Mages versus Templars being a huge focus in the games since Dragon Age: Origins, and the plot of Solas and his relation to the veil, it would seem that Tevinter would be the perfect place for this all-magical showdown. We even recently did a deep dive into the machinations of this character, including how the red lyrium corruption could have been completely intentional! You can learn more about that here, as well as our analysis that leads us to think we might finally get a companion of the Mortalitasi!

While it's not a release date, it's something. I obviously have a ton of love for the Dragon Age franchise and its lore, so stay tuned, as you can expect dissections and analysis in the coming month.

Sound off about your thoughts on Dragon Age 4 and the latest reveal during The Game Awards 2020 in the comment section below! 

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