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Examining Ghost Of Tsushima’s Triumphs, Heartbreaks, And Ending — Spoiled

by Alex Stadnik on Jul 29, 2020 at 09:48 AM

As you've probably heard, Ghost of Tsushima is a wonderful game that immerses you in the beautiful, yet bleak, war-torn lands of 13th century Japan. Jin Sakia's adventures through Tsushima are interesting tales of loss and war, and subsequently were a lot of fun to break down now that we've beat the game.

Join Matt Miller, the game's reviewer, Joe Juba, and me as we breakdown the highs and lows of Sucker Punch Studio's epic samurai adventure.

As always, I need to emphasize that we SPOIL everything about this game including the end boss fight, the ally missions, and the fates of all the characters you know and love. If you haven't beat Ghost of Tsushima yet, I highly recommend you do, bookmark this page, and come back when you're ready as we'd love to hear what everyone thought about the game!

If you enjoyed the video and want more coverage of Ghost of Tsushima, be sure to check our spoiler-free tips, the written review, and the video review!

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