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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Summer Game Fest

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Is On Two Discs And Launches Early Next Year

by Marcus Stewart on Jun 08, 2023 at 03:57 PM

Summer Game Fest concluded with the first big look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the next chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake. A lenghty trailer gave us some good looks at its gameplay, story, as well as a much-anticipated release window. 

The story sees Cloud and the gang explore beyond Midgar to stop Sephiroth’s plans, and we see looks at the grander Final Fantasy VII story, likely to be laden with new twists. In terms of new faces, get to see Elena join Reno and Rude in the Turks, and Yuffie, the fiery Wutai ninja introduced in the Intermission story expansion, officially joins the party. 

Perhaps the most surprising revelation is that Rebirth will come on two discs. Given how much storage a single Blu-ray can hold, that suggests that Rebirth could be a mammoth-sized experience, which is wild given that it’s only Part 2 of a planned trilogy of games. We also now know that Rebirth is coming in early 2024 exclusively to PlayStation 5. 

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