Replay – Urban Chaos

As the final piece of our month of Batman: Arkham City coverage online, we decided to revisit Rocksteady's past.

Replay – Syphon Filter

This game came to glory when stealth games were booming, but its focus on
intense firefights and objective-based missions separated it from the
super readplay

Super Readplay – Gears of War: Anvil Gate

Reiner told me that reading great literature can be a
sometimes-worthwhile pursuit. He convinced me to read Gears of War: Anvil
Gate, assuring me that it's widely considered one of the all-time great examples of the
written word.

Replay – The Smurfs

This week, we explore the shady origins of the blue Belgian cartoon sensations by playing their PS1 platformer.

Replay – StarCraft 64

Blizzard's latest masterpiece has arrived in the form of StarCraft II, but not every release has been perfect for the StarCraft franchise.

Replay – Tomb Raider

Lara Croft’s debut wowed gamers with cutting
edge graphics, ingenious level design, and engaging puzzles. Has time been gentle to the original Tomb Raider?

Replay – Batman: Dark Tomorrow

Witness our breath-taking attempts to leap across the roofs of Gotham
and stop crime with unstoppable smoke capsules. The world's greatest detective? Maybe not so much...