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Super Replay – Super Metroid

by Joe Juba on Jul 19, 2012 at 12:00 PM

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Metroid is one of the most beloved series in gaming, and Super Metroid is a perfect example of everything fans want from Samus. Awesome upgrades, bizarre creatures, and plenty of exploration make this a true classic of the 16-bit era – and a landmark title in video game history.

Join us as we play through Super Metroid in all its glory. I'm on the controls, Reiner is hosting, Jason is producing, and the other chairs are filled by a rotating series of guest editors. So return to Zebes (Zee-bees? Zeebs? Ze-bess?) with us to take down the space pirates and defeat Mother Brain.

Episode 1 (Guests: Andy McNamara, Dan Ryckert)


Episode 2 (Guests: Ben Reeves, Tim Turi)


Episode 3 (Guests: Bryan Vore, Jeff Marchiafava)


Episode 4 (Guests: Ben Reeves, Dan Ryckert)


Episode 5 (Guests: Jeff Cork, Dan Ryckert)

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