Fallout 76 Beta Hits In October

by Derek Swinhart on Jul 23, 2018 at 12:23 PM

We knew that Bethesda would have a beta at some point for its online Fallout experience, but now we actually have some indication as to when.

Today, Fallout 76's community administrator posted more information on Bethesda's forums.  Starting in October, the beta will hit and by pre-ordering through certain, currently undisclosed retailers, players can get access to it.  

The beta is going to be smaller scale and grow in number before launch, so it sounds like access will start relatively limited.

Fallout 76 is on November 14 so the beta will be pushing the definition of Todd Howard's Break It Early Test Application. Hopefully, this beta helps make launch much smoother.

[Source: Bethesda Forum]

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