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Resident Evil 3

Five Reasons To Be Hyped For The Resident Evil 3 Remake
by Ben Reeves on Feb 25, 2020 at 10:00 AM
Platform PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Publisher Capcom
Developer Capcom
Rating Mature

If you loved being terrified by Mr. X in the Resident Evil 2 remake last year and you’re looking for another pulse-pounding experience, then you’re in luck. Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 remake takes the ideas that worked well in last year’s game and applies them to the next numbered entry in the series. Here are five reasons you shouldn’t be afraid to pick up a controller when Resident Evil 3 releases on April 3. 

The Updated Visual Style Is Great

Since Resident Evil 3 has been completely remade for modern consoles, it should look better than the original. However, Capcom has also taken this opportunity to revisit everything from character designs to environmental art. Capcom has given both Jill and Carlos modern makeovers that feel more realistic. Raccoon City has also been remodeled and is now a sprawling metropolis. Not only will fans see new areas that that weren’t in the original game, but old areas have a much greater degree of detail. The streets shine after evening rain and broken store windows reflect nearby neon street signs. 

This Is More Than A Remake

If you played both versions of Resident Evil 2 then you probably know what to expect with one of Capcom’s RE remakes. This version of Resident Evil 3 is more than a visual overhaul. In fact, Capcom has started using the word “reimagining” to describe its approach to design. The layout of the entire game has been redone. The original Resident Evil 3 was a bit linear when compared to previous entries in the series, but this remake has expanded on the original’s environments, giving players a lot of reason to explore and slowly open up new places in traditional Resident Evil fashion. Another good example of how the game is updated is RE 3’s puzzles, which are completely new. Capcom asked us not to explain these puzzles in detail, but based on what we saw, the new puzzles are much more realistic but still offer a good change of pace from the tense action that happens on the zombie-packed streets. 


The Dodge Works … And Is A Big Deal

Capcom has called Resident Evil 3 a more action-focused game, but this is still a survival horror experience that will force you to thoughtfully manage your supplies. Thankfully, Jill has a new trick up her sleeve that might make your battle against the undead a little easier. Instead of using defensive weapons to prevent zombie bites, Jill can dodge out of the way of an attack at the last minute. If timed correctly, Jill can sidestep the attack and then slow time, allowing her to quickly squeeze off a few retaliation shots on her attacker’s head. 

The Nemesis Is Terrifying

Mr. X was the breakout star in Resident Evil 2, but Resident Evil 3 has a stalking tyrant of its own, and his name is Nemesis. Much like Mr. X, the Nemesis will relentlessly chase Jill throughout the game, following her from one environment to the next. However, unlike Mr. X, Nemesis is faster, can leap in front of Jill to block her path, or use tentacles to trip her up. Later on, Nemesis gets aggressive with a series of weapons that lead to some epic boss encounters. The music Capcom uses whenever Nemesis shows up really ramps up the tension too, so don’t play this game if you have a weak heart.  

The Resistance Multiplayer Mode Is Fun

The Resident Evil franchise has dabbled with multiplayer mayhem to varying degrees, but we haven’t played a multiplayer mode that we wanted to come back to in a long time. Resistance could finally break that trend. This asynchronous 4v1 mode tasks a group of survivors with escaping the sadistic machinations of an Umbrella experiment. Each match is split into three stages where four survivors work together to complete a variety of objects, and each hero has their own set of skills. I played as a support hero who could reveal special items on the map as well as a tankier survivor who was skilled in melee attacks. There is a good amount of variety among the survivors so almost anyone should be able to find a character that clicks for them. However, I had the most fun when playing as the Mastermind who works against the survivors, laying traps and unleashing zombies on the team from the safety of a control room. 

There is a lot more to say about Resident Evil 3, but if you’re not excited for this survival horror remake at this point we don’t know what we could say to turn you around. I guess you could start by reading our review for Resident Evil 2 or watching our New Gameplay Today video

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