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PAX 2018 Cosplay

Check Out Some Of PAX 2018's Best Cosplayers

by Imran Khan on Sep 04, 2018 at 04:30 PM

While PAX was filled with games and minigolf, we did get a chance to stop some cosplayers during the show and politely ask if we could snap a few shots. Some of them are professionals, others are amateur, but all of them show an incredible dedication to looking like these characters. 

While there were tons of amazing cosplayers at PAX, we narrowed our list down to the best we saw and did our best not to disrupt the flow of traffic with stopping in the middle of the hallway to take photos.


You can also see the sights and sounds of PAX in non-human form here. Did you see any cosplayers at the show you thought did a particularly great job?