pax 2018

Seen At PAX West 2018

by Kyle Hilliard on Sep 02, 2018 at 04:15 PM

PAX West 2018 is happening in Seattle right now and there is lots to see and do. We can't help you with the 'do' part of that equation if you're not at the show, but we can take care of the 'see' part if you're interested.

That's one big smile for a face-full of tears.

It's a Torchlight thing!

He didn't actually fly anywhere, but there is a seat on his back.

Stormlands is Insomniac Games' next VR game and this is the character you play as. Speaking of Insomniac games...

Hey, Spider-Man is here!

I wouldn't trust that guy.

Who's that Pokémon!? Pikachu, probably.

This guy is doing a real good job making sure no one walks into that wall.

With that lighting she looks kind of scary, but she actually seems real nice, I promise.

Even knowing there are zombies in there, they still all want to get in.

Ever played Pit People from The Behemoth on a giant arcade machine? These people have!

This is the corner of PAX reserved for games whose logos look like warning signs.

Hey, Fury and Death from Darksiders are here! And so is third character from Darksiders!


Hey, the iconic PUBG truck is here!

Hey, Mega Man is here!

The Messenger is out now. Brian Shea liked that game.

Hey, your favorite character from Just Cause 4 is here!

This is probably a thing.

Remember the yellow hammer from Supergiant Games' Bastion? Well this is what it looks like today.

We're still covering PAX as it happens so keep an eye on the site for previews and more from the show.