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Why You Should Play FemShep In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

by Liana Ruppert on May 12, 2021 at 10:46 AM

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is just two days away and while we've already broken down why you should give it a shot anyway (regardless if you're a returning fan or new player), we've got one more case to make. Please, for the love of all things Garrus Vakarian, please give FemShep (Jane Shepard) a shot.

When you boot up the trilogy, there is an option to play as Male Shepard (John Shepard) or Female Shepard (Also referred to as FemShep with Jane Shepard). Mark Meer is the voice behind the former, with Jennifer Hale taking Shepard to new heights with the latter. With over 30 playthroughs under my belt, I can promise you that I've played every which way you can imagine: every romance - including the one night stands, John versus Jane, Renegade versus Paragon, all three endings, and all of the little different variances that often get overlooked. I definitely enjoy my time with John Shepard, especially when looking at the Tali, Jack, and Cortez romances, but there is something uniquely special about Hale's portrayal of this character. 

When I play RPGs, I tend to go for the male characters. I'm not sure why, but that's kind of always where I leaned. My first playthrough of Mass Effect was as John and I thought at that time This is my Commander Shepard. But then I played as Jane for my second run, and my entire world changed regarding this franchise. 

There is a reason why you'll find Hale among the voice talent of many of your favorite games: she offers incredible talent when it comes to bringing different characters to life. She knows any character she portrays inside and out, making it an impressive sight to see when she uses that knowledge to add her own voice to a vast array of gaming icons. With Shepard, though, her deeper voice commands respect in a way that is believable and enjoyable to witness. This is doubly so for those that are opting into the ruthless route by going Renegade.

Her inflection is detailed to the very last syllable, her passionate and motivating speeches are made even more impactful by her voice control. To me, despite playing John Shepard almost as many times as I've played Jane, FemShep is the ideal way to play the trilogy. It's a shame that the original trilogy was focused on John so much during the marketing period, but the Legendary Edition seems to be giving Hale her time to shine. If you're playing for the first time, don't discount her when looking at your usual play choice. If you're jumping in again and have only played as John, I can't recommend stepping out of your comfort zone enough. Hale's performance is so worth it. 

I'm Commander Shepard and she is my favorite voice on the Citadel. 

Ahead of the game's May 14 release, BioWare is also giving away a ton of free content, so don't miss out! You can look at what's up for grabs right here. Interested in learning more about Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Check out our exclusive game hub too. From no multiplayer game modes to lost code that can never be recovered, we made sure to ask about everything. 

So tell me about YOUR Shepard? This is obviously just one person's opinion, I want to hear from you! Tell me what your Shepard is like: what's their life path, romance, philosophy? Sound off in the comment section below! 

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