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Nintendo Details New Pokémon Appearing In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

by Brian Shea on Aug 08, 2018 at 12:19 PM

Today's Nintendo Direct brought an avalanche of new Super Smash Bros. information. From stages to Assist Trophies and even the soundtrack, we learned a lot about what to expect in the biggest entry in the series to date. Nintendo also showed off 10 new Pokémon you can get from the Poké Ball item during battles.

You can learn all about the newest additions to one of the series' most popular items below.

  • Players can climb, cling to, and jump off Alolan Exeggutor's long neck
  • Abra can use teleport to move players around the stage
  • Solgaleo surrounds itself with energy then unleashes what appears to be a solar beam
  • Lunala blasts players from above with a focused beam of light
  • If you get too close to Mimikyu, it grabs you and pulls you under its costume to do God knows what
  • It appears Pyukumuku sits still, but if you get close to it, it smacks you away
  • Vulpix lights nearby characters on fire, while Alolan Vulpix freezes nearby characters
  • Marshadow appears to stun a character before unloading a powerful attack on it
  • Ditto transforms into an A.I.-controlled clone of your character and fights alongside you

 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches on Nintendo Switch on December 7.

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