Launch Trailer For Far Cry 5 DLC Adds Jungles, Abandons Cults

    by Jacob Geller on Jun 05, 2018 at 11:02 AM

    Keeping with the series tradition of outlandish DLC entirely separate from the main game, Far Cry 5 drops the Vietnam War-themed "Hours of Darkness" today.

    Instead of clashing with a cult in Montana, players in the DLC must free prisoners and use era-appropriate weaponry in the jungles of Vietnam. It also features a new perk system, rewarding players for staying hidden and taking out enemies quietly. 

    The DLC is $11.99, or included with the season pass (as well as the recent re-release of Far Cry 3). You can read our review of Far Cry 5 here.


    Our Take
    Although not quite as wacky as Far Cry 3's Blood Dragon, this still looks like it could a fun diversion for those who want Far Cry gameplay in a new locale. Look for our impressions later this week.

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