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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin – New Gameplay Today

by Alex Van Aken on Jun 23, 2021 at 04:28 PM

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin is a mere two weeks away from release, and with a trial version of the game releasing on June 25, we thought it'd be a great time to show you a quick look at Capcom's upcoming monster-hatching JRPG. You might be thinking to yourself, "Didn't Monster Hunter Rise just release in March?" Yep, it sure did, however Monster Hunter Stories 2 features turn-based combat and a neat monster-hatching system that differentiates itself from its action-focused cousin. With that in mind, join John Carson, Jason Guisao, and yours truly for an episode of New Gameplay Today wherein we share an early glimpse at one of the first chapters from Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Wings of Ruin's story follows the grandson of a legendary wyvern rider who has a connection with a special Rathalos egg that seems to be the key to answering the mystery of its species' sudden disappearance. Taking inspiration from beloved series like Pokémon, Monster Hunter Stories 2 focuses on the special connection between a creature and their rider. John Carson, Associate Editor at Game Informer, puts it best in his recent article:

Wings of Ruin follows the descendant of a legendary monster rider who is bestowed a special Rathalos egg. The creature inside is known as Razewing Ratha, which legends say can cause the world to burn with just the beat of its wings. As opposed to the combative nature of the mainline Monster Hunter series, Stories focuses on the friendship and camaraderie between riders and what they adorably call “Monsties.” Also, instead of being action-oriented, this spin-off is more like the Pokémon games. Monstie collection is a huge part of the experience, and combat is handled through turn-based battles with the protagonist fighting alongside a chosen team. Each Monstie has elemental affinities, so prepare to bone up on various strengths and weaknesses.
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