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Mod Corner

Team Fortress 2 Mod Aims To Remake The Game Using Half Life: Alyx's Engine

by Liana Ruppert on Aug 10, 2021 at 02:03 PM

Team Fortress 2, despite a release way back in 2007, remains a popular go-to online shooter that continues to impress with its concurrent player account. The game offers strategy, comedy, and just a good time, which is why this particular mod undertaking is one to note. 

A group of modders are utilizing the same engine Valve used for Half-Life: Alyx to essentially remake Team Fortress 2. Team Fortress S2 is the name, and the project consists of a team of passionate gamers coming together to further inspire love in the TF2 community. "We love it for its gameplay, story, its unique cast of characters and environments," boasts this group of modders, and they are showing that love by making this experience even better. 

"A few months ago, when s&box started to release access to the Source 2 tools and ways to create custom game modes, we started to ask ourselves: 'How would TF2 look like if it was ported to Source 2?' We know that Source 2 provides a lot of graphical improvements as well as a new physics engine," says the team when reflecting on how this project came to be. "It is a lot more up-to-date to modern game development standards, compared to the two-decades-old Source, yet similar in some ways. So seeing this game in a new modern engine really interests us."

Now is apparently the perfect time to explore this venture further because that's exactly what the TF: S2 crew is doing; they're making it happen even if the name for this mod is still a work in progress. The end goal is to completely recreate Team Fortress 2 with Source 2, offering enhancements to the sequel much like an official remake would. To make a "truly new unique Team Fortress experience," this group of dedicated fans is all-in when it comes to making this vision a reality, and we can't wait to see the final result. 

To learn more about this ambitious Team Fortress 2 remake project, check out the group's official website right here. You can also learn more about the joys of modding with a piece I wrote here that dives into how "breaking" games makes them more special and enjoyable. 

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