Team Fortress 2 Celebrates 119 Updates

by Tim Turi on Apr 30, 2010 at 08:28 AM

Valve is dedicated to their games. Very, very dedicated. Like 119 free updates to a game which doesn’t require a subscription dedicated. Well, the team responsible for the adored FPS is aware of their own hard work and are throwing a celebration.

On their hilarious 119th update page, Valve claims that in the intervening time since they began working on the 100 updates celebration, 19 more cropped up. According to their Valve Time conversion chart, the 30 minutes they spent throwing together the blog equates to about five hours.

Very few developers take care of their fans like Valve does. 119 updates is a staggering number approaching MMO-like heights.

I think my favorite update was when they “Removed centerprint texts for TF_FLAGTYPE_INVADE CTF game mode.” Classic.