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Mod Corner

This Skyrim Mod Gives You Grandma Shirley As A Follower

by Liana Ruppert on Jun 07, 2021 at 07:10 AM

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Shirley Curry, also known as Grandma Shirley, is an 82-year old gamer that has become a beloved part of the gaming community ever since her YouTube channel made its big debut back in 2015 and since then she has been dubbed our beloved grandma in all things RPG. With countless hours of walkthroughs footage of her streaming, she's an intricate in the Elder Scrolls franchise, unofficially. She means so much to the community that fans have been rallying for her to be in Elder Scrolls 6 as an official character! While we anxiously await Elder Scrolls 6 news, one Skyrim mod gives us some of that Shirley love a little early. 

The Grandma Shirley mod is simply called Shirley - A Skyrim Follower Mod and does exactly what the name implies. "Shirley Curry, the beloved Skyrim Grandma, finally comes to the game as a follower you can recruit," reads the mod's listing. "She'll join you on your adventures, but don't expect her to simply carry your burdens! She's got more personality than all the vanilla followers combined, and we're sure she'll be a great companion and a friend. And a grandma!" 

Everyone's favorite grandma was ecstatic to hear about this project last year. She not only loved the idea, but she agreed to fully voice her character as well! This is the authentic Shirley experience, because we all need a little more wholesomeness in our lives. 

If you haven't checked her out yet, her entire YouTube channel is nothing short of magical. With her calming voice and ease with which she challenges the landscapes of Tamriel, Grandma Shirley's videos are almost hypnotic and a pure joy to watch from start to finish. She feels like family, and we're all her grandchildren, and I am absolutely in love with everything she's about. 

Interested in having Grandma Shirley in your Skyrim experience? You can download this mod right here. Want more mods? Check out a few of my other favorite Mod Corner picks below: 

Thoughts on the Grandma Shirley mod for Skyrim? Any bets on when we'll get that highly coveted Elder Scrolls 6 news? Shout out those thoughts loud and proud in the comment section below! 

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