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Mod Corner

Mod Corner: If We Have To See This Creepy Among Us Sims 4 Mod, So Do You

by Liana Ruppert on Sep 28, 2020 at 11:45 AM

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It's Monday which means another Mod Corner take. With Among Us taking over the internet despite not technically being a new game, we decided to do some diving and see what other game-verses have been taken over by these weird jelly bean astronauts. In our journey, we stumbled upon one The Sims 4 mod that includes Among Us and if we have to see this nightmare, so do you. 

This mod is a really simple one for PC players. It brings the adorablely weird Among Us jelly bean astronauts into The Sims 4 but to make this weird mod even weirder, you have to install it by body parts. 

Nexus Mods

Among Us also features a bunch of hilarious costumes for players to don, and this mod will include some of those like the toilet paper hat and the sticky note "dum" sign that goes on the front of the helmets. 

Given Fall Guys' (another game with jelly bean goodness) insane popularity and how that game has invaded many different worlds, like Skyrim, we're expecting to see a lot more, and a lot weirder, crossovers with Among Us in the future. And don't worry, we'll report on them because this is important and we do it in the name of quality content. 

You can download this weirdly horrifying mod right here

Thoughts on the latest Mod Corner with Among Us sliding into The Sims 4's DMs? Sound off in the comment section below! Feel free to also comment if you're looking for any specific game mod recommendations, we've got you!

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