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The New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailer Has No Music, So Twitter’s Filled In The Blanks

by JP Gemborys on Nov 12, 2018 at 01:50 PM

The latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer has a strange lack of music in the background, and as a result, has now become a bonafide meme. Fans from all over Twittersphere have stepped up to give their own personal take on the trailer, syncing up their own music to the trailer’s action. Classics like Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now and The Turtles’ Happy Together provide a pleasant twist, but then again the theme from One Punch Man does sync surprisingly well with Mario’s grand entrance.

For reference sake, here’s the original trailer, but for your meme-filled entertainment for the day, here are our favorites handpicked from the Twitter meme tree. Also, just a warning, some of these songs are loud and contain explicit lyrics, so if you're in a workplace setting you might want to pop in some headphones.

Head banger alert.

Mario's not holding back in this one.

Yes, we'll be very happy when we're together.

Who did it better, Thor or Mario?

Is Thanos behind this

Honestly, this one works on so many levels.


But, yeah, those are just some of the memes. If we missed out on your favorite, be sure to drop it in the comments section below. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out December 7. If you have any lingering questions about the upcoming Nintendo brawler be sure to check out our news hub, where we'll keep you constantly updated on all the latest Super Smash Bros.-related news. 

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