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gamescom 2018

Hunt: Showdown Coming To Xbox Game Preview

by Matt Bertz on Aug 21, 2018 at 09:35 AM

Crytek's gothic horror multiplayer shooter has built up some favorable reviews during its time in Steam Early Access. Now, the game is coming to Xbox Game Preview. 

Players pair off as bounty hunters trying to track down a monster haunting the Louisiana countryside and retrieve their heads for bounty. Moving through the environment looking for clues to track your target, you need to avoid (or kill) the random evil entities patrolling the swampy region. You don't want to make too much racket, however, as any loud noises will tip off the bounty hunters to your position. 

Once someone finds the monster and vanquishes it, they must banish it. During this sequence, every other party of hunters knows where this is taking place and can either bum rush the location, or wait and ambush the banishers when they try to move to the extraction point. 

You can read our early looks at the PC builds here and watch us play through a game round here:

Crytek didn't announce when the game is heading to Xbox Game Preview just yet, but stay tuned for news.

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