Yoostar 2 Review

Yoostar 2: A Fun, Cinematic Experience Undermined By Poor Technical Implementation
by Annette Gonzalez on Mar 08, 2011 at 07:00 AM
Reviewed on Xbox 360
Also on PlayStation 3
Publisher Yoostar
Developer Blitz Games
Rating Teen

Yoostar 2, like its PC predecessor, is a unique experience designed for movie buffs, aspiring stars, and everyday gamers alike. Its Kinect-enabled console debut uses the sensor bar's camera to place players in classic scenes to deliver lines with a karaoke-style interface. While the concept of turning everyday people into actors makes for an amusing time, technical issues stand in the way of making the latest Yoostar a blockbuster hit.

Yoostar 2 offers single- and multiplayer options, but the game is most enjoyable in a group setting. You can fly solo in the challenge mode and perform scenes like hitting the road to Chicago in The Blues Brothers or reporting a problem to Houston as Tom Hanks in Apollo 13. However, scenes where the default actor you replace only has a few lines become tedious. You get credit for patiently waiting your turn to speak, but the sensor occasionally picks up sounds other than your voice and docks points from your score, hindering your progress across the map to Hollywood. Sound recognition issues continue when a line is delivered as prompted, but is unrecognized by the game. This becomes less of a problem in the quick play mode, where you're playing more for fun and less for high scores.

Quick play offers 50 movie scenes for you to perform alone or with friends. The selection is impressive, with a wide range of genres for film and TV fans of any generation. Sing "In The Air Tonight" while throwing down air drums and delivering a punch as Mike Tyson in The Hangover, shout "This is Sparta!" in 300, or "make him an offer he can't refuse" in The Godfather. Watching yourself and a friend in these scenes and delivering lines is hilarious, and the ability to save the clips and upload them to social networking sites is a nice touch. However, even in the ideal Kinect play space you have to awkwardly position yourself to fit perfectly in the film frames, and the grainy picture quality mars your celluloid performances.

Despite its technical imperfections, Yoostar 2 can be enjoyable if you step out of your shell and be a total ham. Bring in some friends for a full cast, and you'll get some laughs during your acting debut.

With the Kinect sensor, movie buffs replace actors in classic scenes to perform memorable dialogue
Even in ideal lighting and space conditions, your appearance in full movie scenes looks grainy
Lines by original actors are dubbed over by the sound of your own voice
Menu navigation is sluggish, and fitting your body in suggested frames for scenes makes for awkward positioning
For the optimal experience, Yoostar 2 is best served with a group of friends

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