The Power Of Fluros
by Meagan Marie on Mar 03, 2010 at 05:20 AM
Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Publisher IndiePub
Developer Strange Loop Games
Rating Everyone

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Nominated for technical excellence, one of Vessel’s greatest achievements is the ability to simulate entire characters made out of liquid. Strange Loop Games created a world where a prominent figure named Arkwright is revered for his invention of the Fluro – mechanized fluid automation. Attempting to surpass the success of the Fluros, Arkwright is embarking on his next big project, simply called “The Device.” The Device is rumored to be so groundbreaking that it will change the world with its debut.

Unfortunately, the Fluros start developing minds of their own and Arkwright must tend to them. Arkwright travels to different industrial sites that employ Fluros to investigate the bizarre mutations. He finds them generally running amok, but uses the opportunity for research in hopes that it will help him finish The Device.

Interacting with the Fluros takes advantage of Vessel’s physics and fluid simulation engine. Arkwright carries with him a pack on his back that lets him suck up or spray various types of liquid. This is a core mechanic in solving puzzles. In our playtime we used a powerful stream of water to push levers that were otherwise out of arms reach. We also used water to weigh down buckets and open doors. A green glowing goo could be leached from natural springs in a dark cave, which could then be sprayed on walls to illuminate the path ahead of us.

The concept may seem simple, but Strange Loop has harnessed the technology in a way that allows for diverse puzzles and platforming. We plan on checking back in with Arkwright when Vessel releases, and finding out exactly how The Device will change the world.

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