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Thimbleweed Park

Something's Not Quite Right In New Trailer
by Christian Belland on Aug 04, 2015 at 07:13 AM
Publisher: Terrible Toybox
Developer: Terrible Toybox
Rating: Teen
Platform: Xbox One, PC

Thimbleweed Park, the latest point-and-click adventure from genre legends Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, received a new trailer at Microsoft's Gamescom press conference today. They also announced the game for Xbox One and Windows 10.

The trailer shows a variety of different locations to explore, including a creepy carnival, a convenience store, and a radio station in all their pixelated glory. Looks like the search for clues about a mysterious dead body will take the game's multiple characters all over town.

Thimbleweed Park enjoyed success on Kickstarter last year and recently added Monkey Island background artist Mark Ferrari to the team. The game will launch next year on the Xbox One and PC. Mobile versions are also planned.

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