Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Latest Wave Of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screens Show Off Dark Notes
by Jeff Cork on May 15, 2012 at 04:18 AM
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: indies zero
Rating: Everyone 10+
Platform: 3DS

If you take the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy plunge this July, be sure to stop by the Chaos Shrine. There, you'll have access to randomly generated song selections that you can play to earn characters, items, and additional songs. Square Enix has released a slew of screens showing these suckers in action, too.

The images in the gallery below may not make you want to hum along, but they do provide a look at the game's menu and battle system. These Dark Notes pack a layer of social interaction as well, and players can share their favorite Dark Notes through the 3DS' Street Pass system. Dark Notes are randomly generated combinations of field and battle songs, so if you discover one worth sharing, you may as well do it.

For more info on the game's job system, check out our preview. The game is due out in North America on July 3.