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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

The Right Person For The Job

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy may have components of a rhythm game, but it also has RPG character progression as well.

Square Enix has just sent out a new batch of screens for the title (in the gallery below) that showcase character progression and how their different abilities are best suited for certain stages in the game. For instance, those with with high agility grades can travel greater distances, which increases the chance of finding treasure. Similarly, those with good luck can often find rare items and avoid damage more easily.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy comes out for the 3DS on July 3. For more on the game, check out Tim's hands-on impressions from TGS last year.

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  • My favorite dinosaur is the T Rex.
  • that's a big batch of info and pics.

  • That art style... What the heck.

    Lots of stats though, RPG junkies may find some good fun in this

  • Okay, new terms to learn but it seems too good to ignore this, looks like it'll probably be the depest music game ever.

  • This is such an Asian game, but it looks interesting enough to check it out

  • I'm actually interested in what this has to offer, I'm just hoping it isn't drowned out between everything else on my backlog...

  • I like the art style. That paper doll like style is cute.
  • Being a musician and quite a fan of Final Fantasy... I am really looking forward to this game

  • I'm oddly excited for this game to be released. Looks fun!

  • Now isn't this just the cutest thing.

  • Awwwww... They're so cute.