The Climb

Crytek Explains Its Process For 90 Frames-Per-Second, Photorealistic Virtual Reality
by Mike Futter on Mar 22, 2016 at 10:19 AM
Publisher: Crytek
Developer: Crytek
Rating: Not rated
Platform: PC

Crytek has long had a reputation for pushing technical boundaries, and its first virtual reality project is no different. The Climb will take Rift owners around the world to scale gorgeous mountainsides, but Crytek had to adjust its process to make the scenery believable.

In the video below, members of the team discuss why two-dimensional techniques don’t work well in virtual reality. You’ll also learn a bit about how detailing on virtual hands and gloves can help enhance the sense of scale.

The Climb will be out during the Rift’s launch window, joining the 30 games available on launch day and others coming in the first few months. You can read up on our VR coverage from GDC for more on the upcoming virtual reality invasion. For more on The Climb, check out the first development diary.